N0871 - Love Blossoms - Designer: Besty Kaage

by VJMco January 21, 2020

Inspired by our April 2013 "Plum Orchard" Theme.

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To create the layered elements in this necklace follow these steps:

1. Hammer & dap the small copper circle blank.
2. String a 2 inch pearl head pin through the faceted, round crystal bead.
3. Then string on the Canopy Bead Cap.
4. Next comes the Lucite flower.
5. Then the hammered and dapped copper circle blank.
6. You then string it through the Passion Flower Petal Filigree and string it back up, so loop it around the center of the filigree.
7. Next take the excess end of the head pin and wind it around the base of the copper circle, where it meets the filigree.
8. Use a rosary pliers to curl the filigree around to grab the top edge of the copper circle blank, this helps cover the hole punched in the blank!

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Flower Lucite Beads
3-5x14mm Violet Small 6 Petal Flower

Swarovski Elements Crystal Beads
Fucshia Round Bead 6mm

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Techniques: Wrapping, Linking,

Materials: Pearls/Crystals,

Products Used:

  • BC0008
  • F400R
  • CDP0004R
  • CHW0006R
  • JR30
  • HP2
  • V-DMW01
  • CH0008