N0929 - Patched Clock - Designer: Besty Kaage

by VJMco January 21, 2020

Inspired by our January 2014 "Steampunk Chronicles" Theme.

To achieve this riveted & layered look, see how Mackie does it in our,
Vintaj Riveting: Single & Multi-Layered technique video.

Use a variety of Arte Metal & Natural Brass nail head rivets for a mixed metals look!

Also, see how easy it is to cut blanks into your own shape & size with our Metal Shears and form a barrel bead, as seen on the silk made from a natural brass diamond mosaic drop and our Filigree Shaping Pliers, in our,
Vintaj Metal Shaping: Shears & File technique video.

Our technique videos are a great base to creativity! Learn the technique and then incorporate it using a variety of Vintaj metals like seen here in this project!

Techniques: Collage, Riveting, Texturing, Drilling, Patina, Deco Emboss,

Materials: Simply Vintaj, Leather/Silks/Fibers, Vintaj Patina,

Products Used:

  • C2H113
  • DP130
  • DP201
  • P0064
  • AP0018
  • HW0068
  • HW0069
  • PT056