N1051 - Earthshine - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by VJMco January 21, 2020

Faux Art Glass Resin Technique - VIDEO COMING SOON!!

Prepare a small amount of ICE Resin into the Resin Mixing Cup (best to prepare enough to pour multiple bezels). Use provided stir stick to mix Resin according to manufacturers instructions. Set Artisan Pewter rectangle bezel onto a non-stick craft sheet. *TIP - Set your non-stick craft sheet into a shallow baking pan or tray, this way you can carefully move your pieces to another location to cure if needed.

Choose two Patina colors plus one metallic Patina. Add one drop of each color side by side directly into the bezel. Use a disposable small paint brush to add Resin over the wet Patina. Be careful not to over pour. The Resin is self leveling, and self doming.

Use a long head pin, piece of wire, or metal awl to run through the center of the bezel allowing the Patinas and Resin to slightly mix together. This will bring some of the Patina colors to the top and create an art glass effect. Allow Resin to cure for approximately 12 hours or longer before handling.

Techniques: Resin, Patina,

Materials: Ice Resin, Vintaj Patina,

Products Used:

  • IRR-ICE25
  • DPV081R
  • VPI33066
  • VPI35640
  • VPI37040
  • IRA50452
  • PT089
  • IRA50438