Austria Color Story - DIY Inspiration

by Jess Lincoln April 01, 2020

~ Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever You Go ~

We're kicking off April by joining our friends at Swarovski with their exciting Crystal Around the World "A Color Story" promotion, to inspire creativity everywhere! Our first stop is Austria, the home of Swarovski! Austria may be one of Europe’s smallest countries, but it is also one of the most popular destinations in the world. Whether you’re traversing across its drawbridges or hiking up the Alps, the region's roaring waters and crisp mountain air will greet you as if you were home. The inspiration of these pieces is derived from a multitude of Austria’s most iconic wonders — deep valleys, vast farmland, whimsical woodlands, raging rivers, and of course, its majestic mountains.

We have partnered with Swarovski Create Your Style to bring you this beautiful, Austria-inspired Color Story.

This DIY jewelry collection features our beautiful mixed metals Mediterranean collection ~ SHOP sale items through 4/30/20

I'm excited to share some fun techniques with you to create a few of my projects featured here. Find links below for VIDEO TUTORIALS showing fun tips, project materials, tools & supplies lists. Hope you enjoy and learn something new! 


Interested in making these projects? Our beautiful Limited Edition Majestic Wonders Bead Mix, bursting with a stunning assortment of Swarovski Crystals, Blue Kyanite, Lapis and Chinese crystals is only available when you shop our DIY Jewelry Kits shown below each project. 

Swarovski Crystal colors inspired by this Austria theme are; Crystal, Crystal AB & Demin Blue. 

This gorgeous color palette of crystals & gemstones complements all our metal finishes! 

This bracelet captures the charm of this quaint Austrian village with shimmering gold reflections, icy blues, silvers and warm brown tones.


Product quantities used to make this Bracelet design are listed below:   
  • Roman Charms - PT374-ES3 (4pcs)
  • Botanical Coin - P255 (3pcs)
  • Mercury Head Coin - P258 (3pcs)
  • Brave Indian Coin - P252 (3pcs)
  • Ancient Eagle Coin - P251 (4pcs)
  • Hammered Oval, 18x13mm - PT258-070 (3pcs)
  • Hammered Oval, 14x12mm - PT218-340 (4pcs)
  • Rounded Oval Chain, 8.7x11.3mm - CH0010-360 (7in)
  • Cable Jump Ring, 15.25mm - JR109-340 (3pcs)
  • Cable Jump Ring, 11.25mm - JR108 (1pc)
  • Smooth Jump Ring, 8mm - JR45-060 (3pcs)
  • Smooth Jump Ring, 8mm - JR45-340 (8pcs)
  • Cable Jump Ring, 6mm - JR112 (15pcs)
  • Majestic Wonders Bead Mix *limited edition ~
    *Swarovski Crystal 8mm Denim Blue Xilion Mini Pear Pendant (3pcs)
    *Lapis 5mm Faceted Coin (3pcs)

    TOOLS used to create these projects... 


    Love creating cascading pendants like this! It gives the effect of fringe, with a touch of natural brass, crystals and gemstones.
    Organic and elegant at the same time!  

    Learn how to Make a Free-Form Pendant Frame >> 


    Product quantities used to make this Necklace design are listed below:   

    • Hoop, 67mm - H10 (1pc)
    • Botanical Coin - P255 (3pcs)
    • Extra Fine Cable Chain - CH0002 (30in)
    • Head Pin, 3in - HP3 (3pcs)
    • Roped Jump Ring, 17mm - JR104 (1pc)
    • Smooth Jump Ring, 10.25mm - JR55 (1pc)
    • Cable Jump Ring, 7.25mm - JR107 (3pcs)
    • Cable Jump Ring, 6mm - JR112 (17pcs)
    • Smooth Jump Ring, 4.75mm - JR20 (2pcs)
    • Majestic Wonders Bead Mix *limited edition ~ 
      *Swarovski 30x20mm Crystal Neoglory Drop Pendant (1pc)
      *Swarovski 3mm Crystal AB Xilion Beads (3pcs) 
      *Blue Kyanite Organic Graduated Stones (3pcs)
      *Gray Chalcedony 4mm Faceted Rondelle (3pcs)

    TOOLS used to create these projects... 


    The depth of beautiful blue green tones, and primitive quality of this Austrian landmark are reflected in these statement earrings. This "green giant" has crystals for eyes and was created by artist André Heller in 1995 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Swarovski crystal. 


    Product quantities used to make this Earring design are listed below:   
    • Roman Pendant - PT370-ES3  (2pcs)

    • Teardrop Hoop - H001 (2pcs)
    • Delicate Curb Chain, 2.2x2.8mm - CH100 (2.5in) *1.25in used per earring
    • Arched Ear Wire, 29x14mm - ER010 (2pcs)
    • Eye Pin, 1.5in - EP15 (2pcs)
    • Smooth Jump Ring, 4.25mm - JR10 (4pcs)
    • Cable Jump Ring, 6mm - JR112 (2pcs)
    • Majestic Wonders Bead Mix *limited edition ~ 
      *Swarovski Crystal 8mm Denim Blue Xilion Mini Pear Pendant (2pcs)
      *Chinese Crystal 4x3mm Opaque Gray *Faceted Rondelle (2pcs)

    TOOLS & Supplies used to create these projects... 

    A landscapes beauty is reflected in layers. Within its layers are color, texture and a point of interest. This triple-strand necklace features it all! Easily assembled with a variety of chain lengths, a beaded strand with multiple crystal and stone colors, sizes, shapes and beautifully detailed focal pieces that draw your attention. 


    Product quantities used to make this Necklace design are listed below:   

    • Wax Seal Bird - PT199-350 (1pc)
    • Roman Laurel Coin - P256 (1pc)
    • Circle Spacer Bead, 4mm - BD170 (5pcs)
    • Fine Ornate Chain, 2.2x3.8mm - CH10-040 (28.5in) *17.5in brass coin strand + 11in beaded strand (5.5in per side)
    • Flat Link Chain, 2.5x4.6mm - CH0001-040 (21.5in) *wax seal bird strand
    • Lobster Clasp, 12mm - CL0003-040 (1pc)
    • Smooth Jump Ring, 4.25mm, 21ga (8pcs) *spacers in beaded strand
    • Smooth OvalJump Ring, 6x5mm - JR01-040 (3pcs)
    • Smooth Jump Ring, 4.75mm, 19ga (2pcs)
    • Majestic Wonders Bead Mix *limited edition ~ 
      *Swarovski 3mm Crystal AB Xilion Beads (14pcs)
      *Gray Chalcedony 4mm Faceted Rondelle (12pcs)
      *Chinese Crystal 4x3mm Two-Tone Faceted Rondelle (14pcs)
      *Chinese Crystal
       4x3mm Opaque Gray Faceted Rondelle (4pcs)

    crimp beads + stringing wire needed to complete this design

    TOOLS used to create these projects... 


    We have a special gift for you in April! For Retail orders $50+ and Wholesale orders $100+ you'll receive this FREE ORCHID CRYSTAL PENDANT KIT featuring a stunning crystal from Swarovski. That's not it! You also get a FREE Video Tutorial!! 

    Learn how to Make a Free-Form Wrapped Crystal Pendant >> 


    • Head Pin, 3in - HP3 (1pc)
    • Cable Jump Ring, 7.25mm - JR107 (1pc)
    • Blossoming Duet - FS010 *available on wholesale website only
    • Swarovski Crystal 20mm Crystal Orchid Pendant - 6906 *available in promotional Pendant Kit only 

    TOOLS used to create these projects... 

    Thank you for taking the time to check out my Austria-Inspired Color Story DIY Jewelry designs and tutorials! I hope you found a new technique you haven't tried before and you enjoy creating these projects as much as I did. Browse our entire Vintaj Hand Tools collection for all your jewelry making needs. Wishing you a magical Spring season full of new projects and inspiration! 

    Happy Designing ~ Jess  


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