Celestial - DIY Jewelry Making Inspiration

by Jess Lincoln March 02, 2021

                                                         ~ Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness ~ 

Welcoming March with open arms! It has been a long Winter here in the good old Midwest. Snow has covered the countryside for months, I'm ready to start seeing pops of green as Spring will slowly appear. However, I'm very thankful for sunny days, starlit nights and gorgeous moon phases that get me through these cold months. 

Create out-of-this-world jewelry designs with our inspiring CELESTIAL collection! These components are the perfect mix of Made in the USA solid brass stampings + artisan-made solid pewter castings. Enjoy creating with these dreamy jewelry findings in unexpected ways...


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DESIGN TIP: Simply widen the bottom loop of ear wire slightly and slide crystal moon into place, as easy as 1, 2, 3  


Enjoy creating your own designs with our designer curated *limited edition* Stargazing Wishes Bead Mix, inspired by this tranquil color palette. Make a variety of earrings, bracelet & necklace designs featuring; two styles of Swarovski Crystals, plus a variety of Hematite, Czech glass & Asian Cut Crystal beads.


Bella Luna Necklace Kit 
She rests peacefully and glows in the starlit sky for us all to take in her beauty. Create this simple, symmetrical necklace design in no time. Make it in a variety of crescent moon colors, discover our four gorgeous made in the USA finishes, that are a lovely complement to our natural brass compass star. 

Simply add a hole on the opposite end of crescent moon in order to suspend it horizontally. Add two additional holes to the compass star below the bottom corner points that align with the tips of the moon. String three chevron hematite beads onto an eye pin and form a simple loop. Repeat for a total of two chevron bead links. Open the end of figure eight connector like a jump ring, and attach to the hole in the moon, close to secure. Attach bead link to opposite end. Use jump ring to attach other end of bead link to bottom of compass star. Repeat to on opposite side to assemble your pendant. Use a small amount of jewelry glue to adhere the small iridescent glass oval cabochon to the center of star. Add a jump ring to top of pendant and suspend from a larger roped jump ring and your desired length of chain to complete your necklace. 


Aurora Borealis Earrings Kit 
Imagine watching a pure rainbow of light, playing in the dark sky for all infinity! Layers of color and shimmer take center stage in this stunning combination of of mixed metals + metallic opalescent beads. Make these elongated earrings with a diffused glow of green and blue, reflecting the breathtaking beauty of the northern lights.

Using the edge of flat end of ball pein hammer, simply add some texture in different directions to the brass curved diamond blanks. Lightly sand surface with metal reliefing block to bring out the details. Dap blanks to give the pieces more dimension and to allow your bead drops to rest within the curvature. Easily create a variety of pretty bead links and drops with stacks of shaped hematite and round beads. Form wrapped loops for added interest, combined with simple loops to the top bead links attached to ear wire and holding layered components.  Suspend beaded crescent behind textured diamonds and beads, allowing them to peek around their reflective finishes. 


Earth Sky Bracelet Kit 
Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon, Laugh by the Stars... Create a beautiful bracelet featuring the eternal elements found in our magnificent Earth's sky! 

Simply add a hole opposite of hole in the sun's rays pendant to create a focal connector. Add a hole to each etched star charm, to the bottom center between the two points turning them into connectors. String light sapphire blue faceted glass beads onto head pins and form a simple loop. String light pink glass oval bead onto eye pins and form a simple loop. Easily connect all components, beads and toggle clasp using 6mm cable jump rings. Use flush cutter to clip off loop from man in the moon charm, file any rough areas. Add a small amount of jewelry glue to back of moon and carefully place along the inside of center circle in sun's ray focal. Lay flat and allow glue to dry before handling bracelet. 


Exploring Cassiopeia Necklace Kit 
Look up and get lost in the beauty of constellations! These detailed celestial components paired with touches of shimmering crystals + beads reflect the ambiance of a mesmerizing night sky.  

Easily layer and connect wishing star to center of stained glass window component - string a tiny 3mm crystal bead onto pearl head pin and bring the wire through the hole of star and opening in window, wrap remaining wire around the brass openwork to secure. Repeat on opposite side. Create a total of ten wire wrapped bead drops with a combination of glass round beads and crystals, set aside. Use pliers to form points of filigree star into a creative setting for the 12mm crystal rivoli. Center crystal in place and gently bend the side and bottom points up and around the stone to hold in place, leaving the top point with loop open, but slightly curved near the top of the stone. Suspend the filigree wrapped crystal stone from bottom center opening of pendant using an 8mm jump ring. Attach five bead drops to each side of the crystal stone into the next opening in window, using 4.75mm jump rings. Add an 8mm jump ring to the top center opening above star and slide on desired chain length and a clasp to complete your necklace.



Thank you for taking the time to browse my Celestial DIY jewelry inspiration. I hope these components and kits spark your creativity ~ Happy Designing! 

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