Diy Inspiration- Bezel Collage and UV Resin

by Jeanne Holland November 18, 2022


There are so many beautiful possibilities with our bezel collection. Glue in cabochons, fill with resin, create collages, paint mini scenes and more! Watch the playback of our LIVE for lots of useful techniques for creating these projects or check out the youtube shorts at the end of the post for quick tips!


This gorgeous pendant is stacked with layers of filigree and bead caps and a resin cabochon. Mackie finished off the necklace with a chain tassel and a filigree tube bead.

Perfect for the holidays, these simple earrings were made with a layer of metallic ultimate paint left to dry completely and topped off with Uv resin and cured. The first pair uses antique copper and the second, moonstone.

This beautiful kit is available on ETSY

This beautiful kit is available on ETSY

This eclectic charm bracelet is made with a variety of bezels now 40% off!




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