DIY Inspiration- Color and Dimension

by Mackenzie Mullane November 01, 2022

This months inspiration was all about showing off the "other" colors of fall. Instead of focusing on the rusts and oranges of the changing leaves shown in our photographs, I decided to show some love to the leaves that never change. Showcasing the emeralds and aqua grains you often find in the leaves that hang on the longest. See all these techniques on our LUNCHBREAK Live November 2nd. LUNCHBREAK Live Dimensional Color with UV Resin

The copper leaves and findings I used in the jewelry are a more subtle representation of the coppers and oranges you'll find on the changing trees.

Turquoise veining of the fall leaves are represented in this gold leaf bracelet. I love showing that our findings can make a more trendy and simple look. In the cavity of the leaf, you'll see a pour art in resin effect. Its amazing that you can do so many different variants of resin art in our bezels, the possibilities are endless. To achieve this technique- simply drop a thin layer of resin in the cavity, then drop on your first and second colors, add more resin, drop in your final color (you can swirl the colors if desired, but in this technique I left them) Cure under UV light for 1-2 minutes. Finish with your final layer of resin to fill the bezel. Cure under UV light for 1-2 minutes. 

This pendant reminds me of my grandma and grandpa's pond in the fall time. I always felt like I found all of my favorite things from nature floating in that pond. Butterfly and dragonfly wings, fallen leaves, and flower petals. First I clipped the loops of the charms and then painted them, then I placed them in the bezel where I wanted them with Loctite. After that, I filled the bezel with resin and cure under UV light! So simple and so pretty. 

I love doing tiny resin and ultimate paint accents In jewelry. It really adds so much to the finish of our metals and lets it shine! The tiny channels are a perfect opportunity to go bold with color. To achieve this technique, apply packing or resin tape to the back of your pendant, sticky side down. Add in resin and paint (swirl if desired), cure under UV light for 1-2 minutes. Peel off tape and you’re ready to go!

To achieve this technique, apply packing or resin tape to the back of your pendant, sticky side down. Add in resin and paint (swirl if desired), cure under UV light for 1-2 minutes, add another layer of resin and cure for 1-2 minutes. Resin is a true magic worker, you can use it as a glue and add jump rings as loops where needed, allowing you to change almost anything into a pendant! 

This resin and paint technique really reminds me of the layers you find in rivers and lakes in the fall. Things start falling into the water and hide what is underneath. As you can see in the pendant before its painted, the paint is and resin is a great way to just get a peak of what is behind. To create this technique, drop on ultimate paint in a heavier, enamel-like manner. Let paint dry. Apply resin till your desired height. Cure in UV light for 1-2 minutes and you’re ready to go!

For a less technique driven piece, I ended the set of jewelry with this ready-finished copper pendant. I went ahead and layered beads with filigree beads to get a gypsy, old-world feel. Wear this to your local renaissance festival and everyone will be asking where they can get one! Thank you for keeping up with our monthly inspiration and we hope it sparked your creativity to showcase your favorite moments of fall!





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