DIY Inspiration- Friendship Keys

by Jeanne Holland January 03, 2023

The Friendship Keys you create can be a simple but meaningful token of appreciation for the impact someone has had in your life! We hope that 2023 will be filled with meaningful connections and relationships. Watch our live playback to learn how to create your own friendship key - the perfect way to start the NEW Year!

UV Resin
UV Light

This "Bee My Angel" collection is available as a kit on etsy and includes the chain and components for 4 necklaces.

Add accents of Moonstone Ultimate Paint and form filigree to adorn these lovely friendship keys.

This "Reflection" Friendship keys set is available on etsy and includes the chain and components for 4 necklaces. 

Use earth, sandstone and marble ultimate paint to bring to life this snow owl and use UV resin and moonstone ultimate paint to create a magical butterfly key.

These beautiful keys and accent pieces are available in a bundles for amazing savings!


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