DIY Inspiration- The Woodland Collection

by Mackenzie Mullane October 03, 2022

The ombre patina effect I made with Colourful Soul Ultimate Paint on each of the leaves reminds me of the changing of leaves as you look across the forest of trees in fall. For all the pieces in this collection of jewelry, I used an Ultimate Paint that reminded of me the changing season. I even used Amethyst on the Spirit bracelet, out west we still get some lilac in the beginning of fall. 

My favorite transitional fall color palettes are shown above with our signature Vintaj Verdigris tones flowing into the warm, cozy tones of fall... topaz, the rusts, and deep reds.

The leather in this necklace really adds a rustic touch to this more modern approach of the repeated line of leaves. Choose a color that will go with all of your new fall clothes you just took out of storage and are so excited to wear!

Here at Vintaj we've been going crazy over cottagecore for a while now and how it really pulls from all our memories of our grandmas and mothers. Sometimes when I make a piece of jewelry in the cottagecore aesthetic I can actually smell my grandmothers cookies baking in the kitchen. These earrings do just that for me, with the pairing of the vintage bead and the classic, simple, beautiful copper leaf.

Here's where I pull in Amethyst, Sandstone, and Clay Ultimate Paints. And for me, the combo is an absolute win.

This is our color combo that will stand the tests of time! Turquoise, Moss and Verdigris. You will see this in so many of our technique videos over the years. It is truly a perfect patina effect.

Had to get a splash of some modern in the mix, to show you that our products really, truly cater to so many styles of jewelry making. I proven best seller in one of our boutiques.

Our Woodland Collection is on SALE! 40% off retail and 30% off wholesale. <3

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