DIY Jewelry Inspiration- Fairy Garden

by Jeanne Holland January 26, 2023

Let your imagination take flight with this fairy garden inspired jewelry! We will explore mica shift techniques and handmade chain. And don’t forget the hand painted charms - they’re sure to bring a magical touch to your creations! With our helpful tips and tutorials, you’ll be able to create these fairy-inspired pieces in no time. Watch the full fb live here.



This beautiful hibiscus leaf bracelet is the perfect way to show off your love of nature. Featuring ahibiscus leaf focal made of natural brass, this bracelet is pure magic. The leaf is accented with mica shift techniques, giving it an eye-catching shimmer and shine. This bracelet features MOSS, TOPAZ, MARBLE & MATTE GLAZE ULTIMATE PAINTS + PEARL EX POWDER


This beautiful patterned leaf necklace projecthas chain crafted from eye pins and features a patterned leaf pendant with a gradient mica shift technique. The intricate pattern provides an eye-catching accent that is sure to draw attention. The jewel tones create a timeless whimsical look. This necklace features VERDIGRIS & MATTE GLAZE ULTIMATE PAINTS +  PEARL EX POWDER

This beautiful charm necklace features a rabbit and squirrel woodland creatures. The charms are accented with leaves, flowers, and austrian crystal drops, giving it an eye-catching shimmer and shine. The dry brushed ultimate paint provides a unique and earthy look.



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