Enchanted Autumn - DIY Jewelry Making Inspiration

by Jess Lincoln October 01, 2020

                                                                                               ~ I Love Fall Most of All ~

October is a magical time of year here in the great Midwest... October colors, crisp air, falling leaves, apple picking, pumpkin patches, hot cider, cozy blankets, toasty bonfires, knit sweaters & fashion boots, just to name a few of my favorites! And, of course you can't forget the excitement of Halloween, it's a time of enchantment for all ages, where our creativity & imagination can run wild. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to join the fun and design for the Spend the Holidays with Swarovski® promotion ~ to create Autumn-inspired jewelry with crystals, yes please! We're going to wrap up this year with even more crystal-inspired jewelry creations! Stay connected over the next three months for inspirational DIY jewelry kits for a fun-filled holiday season... kicking off with Fall jewelry ~ my all time favorite season to create with our products! 

These designs feature a variety of brass stampings + solid pewter castings in a variety of metal finishes from our ENCHANTED collection ~ SHOP sale items through 11/01/20

Get ready to learn some fun + easy jewelry making techniques! 
Enjoy browsing this post to discover quick tips, jewelry kit bundles and my favorite tools & supplies used to create them.  

Let's get creative together & sparkle this Fall... 

Interested in making your own Enchanted Autumn inspired jewelry?  Be sure to pick up our Limited Edition Fall Fairytale Bead Mix, which is full of a gorgeous assortment of Swarovski® Crystal elements, Czech glass, Fire Polished Glass, Asian Cut Crystal & an Acrylic Rose Bead.  

Swarovski® Crystal colors that I was inspired by to create this bead mix feature the following sparkling elements;
  • Crystal Lilac Shadow Xilion Oval Pendant, 18mm 
  • Crystal Copper Lucerna Bead, 8mm
  • Vintage Rose Helix Bead, 8mm 
  • Crystal Maroon Pearl, 4mm 
Each DIY jewelry kit shown below includes a different assortment of Swarovski crystal elements + beads used to create that specific design. Each will note the type of crystal used below the image. 

This Fall-inspired color palette of crystals + glass beads complement our natural and solid brass, artisan copper, copper antique, pewter antique and bronze antique finishes beautifully!  


Harvest Wishes Necklace Kit 
The warm glow of our artisan copper + natural brass pair perfectly with this radiant topaz Swarovski® crystal rivoli and their luscious crystal maroon pearl! Wire-wrap + free-form wrap to alter our ginkgo leaves, blossoming duet and craftsman vine into a stunning creative setting for an autumn colored crystal to peek through. Stack the dreamy crystal pearl with our acorn bead cap and suspend from oversized jump ring. Hang this mixed metal layered pendant from our copper antique etched cable chain to complete the design.

This design features the following Swarovski® elements; 

  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Topaz Rivoli, 12mm (1pc)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Maroon Pearl, 12mm (1pc)


    Learn how to make a Layered Wire + Free-Form Creative Setting >>


Deco Wings Earrings Kit 
Beautifully faded brass turquoise fairy wings peek through a layer of natural brass deco vines, in this gorgeous Fall-inspired earring design. Adorn these pretties with shimmery Swarovski® crystal antique pink mini drop beads and wire-wrapped Czech glass dark topaz leaves. Simply string eye pin through side-drilled leaf, using pliers gently form loop above bead and create a wrapped loop with remaining wire, turning them into lovely drops. 

This design features the following Swarovski® elements; 

  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Antique Pink Mini Drop Bead, 12x8mm (2pcs)


Crystal Web Necklace Kit
Beautifully frightening jewelry is in order for Fall! I had a blast creating this deep amethyst + copper colored spider, she sparkles and shines resting peacefully in her natural brass web of flowers. With our malleable 24g wire, fasten the dapped filigree through an opening in the perennial laurel, center a stunning Swarovski crystal amethyst rivoli and gently fold-over two tabs on opposite sides to secure stone in place. Form her dainty beaded legs with wire holding Czech glass matte copper daggers and foiled-lined dark amethyst glass bugles. Wrap wire end through open tabs of filigree to make a total of 4 legs per side. Embellish center of flowers in her brass web with shimmering Swarovski crystal xilion beads with wire. Cover back side of pendant to hide wire with a whimsical spray by folding two tips of small leafy stems around edge of perennial laurel. Simply suspend this Halloween-inspired pendant to a delicate cable chain to complete this fun conversation piece!

This design features the following Swarovski® elements;

  • Swarovski Crystal Amethyst Rivoli, 12mm (1pc)
  • Swarovski Crystal Topaz AB Xilion Bead, 6mm (1pc)
  • Swarovski Crystal Colorado Light Topaz Xilion Bead, 5mm (1pc)

    Learn how to make a Crystal + Beaded Spider in a Natural Brass Metal Web >>


Fall Foliage Bracelet Kit 
Create a beautiful mixed metal bracelet focal with layers of our natural brass + sterling silver antique finishes. Simply glue this sweet hummingbird cabochon onto the center of wisteria vines, lay flat to dry. Using the large barrel of our metal shaping pliers, 3 & 5mm form two scrollwork pieces into bail connectors to link on each side of focal. Gently curve deco vines filigree with large barrel of our double cylinder pliers, 5/8" & 3/4" to fit curve of your wrist. Connect altered scrollwork components to ends of filigree with large oval jump rings. Place wisteria vines with hummingbird over center of filigree and attach to previous jump rings using a combination of oval jump ring sizes. Give your design sparkle, with a gorgeous combination of Swarovski® elements in crystal copper + crystal lilac shadow colors to complete your bracelet.

This design features the following Swarovski® element;
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Copper Lucerna Bead, 8mm (2pcs)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Lilac Shadow Mini Square Bead, 8mm (2pcs)


Secret Garden Necklace Kit
Embellish our gorgeous artisan-made garden key pendant with a stunning Swarovski crystal and solid brass fern. You'll love the way this beautiful crystal lilac shadow color shimmers against this metal duo. Add a hole to the center of flower in our natural brass floret to create a unique connector. Simply link together mauve rondelles + acrylic rose round bead, pair with the floret and fine oval chain to create your necklace strand.
This design features the following Swarovski® element;

  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Lilac Shadow Mini Oval Bead, 10x8mm (1pc)

Indian Summer Necklace Kit 
Create this fun layered mixed metal focal to suspend our sweet lily pad pendant.  Simply wire-wrap tiny glass beads to embellish the openings of our natural brass flourish swirl using pearl heads. Adorn with a few fire polished bead drops and a beautiful glass bell flower. Slide lily pad onto teardrop hoop and stack beaded focal overtop for a whimsical design. 

This design features the following Swarovski elements; 

  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Topaz Rivoli, 12mm (1pc)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Maroon Pearl, 12mm (1pc)

We have a special gift for you in OCTOBER 2020!
For retail DIY orders $50+ you'll receive this FREE Artisan Copper Owl Pedant Kit *while supplies last!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my Enchanted Autumn inspired DIY jewelry designs and tutorials! I hope you found a new technique you haven't tried before and you enjoy creating these projects as much as I did. Browse our entire Vintaj Hand Tools collection for all your jewelry making needs.

Happy Designing ~ Jess  

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