New Beginnings - DIY Jewelry Making Inspiration

by Jess Lincoln December 01, 2020

                                                                                    ~ The Best Is Yet To Come ~

Wrapping up a year we'll never forget. Let's move forward with positivity for a great 2021. . . may every day in the new year inspire you to grow! Wishing you health and happiness in the year ahead.  

It has been a pleasure joining our friends at Swarovski Create Your Style for the past 9 months in their exciting design themes! We're kicking off December with the final Spend the Holidays with Swarovski® promotion ~ I enjoyed creating New Year's inspired jewelry with their gorgeous sparkling crystals! 

These designs feature a variety of natural brass + solid brass stampings in our from our FILIGREE collection ~ SHOP sale items through 1/3/21

Get ready to learn some fun + easy jewelry making techniques! 
Enjoy browsing this post to discover quick tips, jewelry kit bundles and my favorite tools & supplies used to create them.  

Let's get creative together & sparkle this Holiday Season... 

Interested in making your own New Beginnings inspired jewelry?  Be sure to pick up our Limited Edition Rise Above Bead Mix, which is full of a gorgeous assortment of Swarovski® Crystal elements, Czech glass, Mother-of-Pearl, Asian Cut Crystal & Gemstones.  

Swarovski® Crystal colors that I was inspired by to create this bead mix feature the following sparkling elements;

  • Crystal Golden Shadow Galactic Bead, 15x17mm (1pc) 
  • Crystal Silver Shade Graphic Bead, 12mm (1pc)
  • Crystal Copper Graphic Cube Bead, 6mm (4pcs)

Each DIY jewelry kit shown below includes a different assortment of Swarovski crystal elements + beads used to create that specific design. Each will note the type of crystal used below the image. 

This neutral inspired color palette of crystals + beads complement our natural brass & solid brass finishes beautifully!  

Looking Glass Necklace Kit 

You won't be able to take your eyes off this mesmerizing translucent + frosted dual-finish Swarovski crystal peeking through an ornate filigree! This design is simple and timeless. Use filigree shaping and chain nose pliers to easily free-form wrap our natural brass trellis filigree around a crystal rock pendant to create a unique focal. Make a bead link with crystal column bead and attached components using a variety of cable and roped jump rings. Suspend from a fine chain at your desired length to complete this gorgeous necklace.    

This design features the following Swarovski® elements;

  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Rock Pendant, 23mm (1pc)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Column Bead, 19x5mm (1pc)


Ringing Cheers Necklace Kit 

Time to toast to our most anticipated New Year! Ring in 2021 with this breathtaking necklace design made with our natural brass etruscan filigree, beautiful translucent Swarovski crystal xilion bicone pendants and tiny pink aventurine beads. Simply free-form wrap filigree to create a unique focal ~ using filigree shaping pliers curve tip back, then up and around to front of filigree, use chain nose pliers to tuck loop through an opening to secure. Create messy wrapped loops using eye pins on top-drilled crystal pendants and suspend along with round beads along the curve of filigree. Add desired length of chain to complete your necklace. 


This design features the following Swarovski® elements;

  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Silver Shade Bicone Pendant, 10mm (4pcs)


Awaited Journey Bracelet Kit

Good vibes ahead! This dazzling design is inspired by the excitement of the future and starting something new. Feeling creative? Swarovski crystal arrow beads points us in the right direction... simple techniques + elegant design make this an easy project you can make quickly and everyone will love. Create a variety of bead drops + links using head pins and eye pins. Suspend a cascading pattern from openings of scrolled ironwork filigree. Connect bead links, diamond filigree and a secure foldover clasp to form bracelet strands. Embellish jump rings with added dangles to complete your beautifully detailed bracelet.



This design features the following Swarovski® elements;

  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Silver Shade Arrow Bead, 12mm (2pcs)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Silver Shade Mini Rhombus Bead, 8mm (4pcs)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Dice Bead, 4mm (4pcs)


Midnight Wishes Earrings Kit

Let luminous crystals adorn your ears as you ring in the New Year! Make an assortment of beautiful bead drops forming a simple loop with your round nose pliers. Center this fringe-worthy design with a gorgeous, stacked drop, embellishing a Swarovski crystal cabochette bead + clear bicone with our natural brass wisteria bead cap.  Simply attach drops directly to openings along the curve of the flourish filigree. Add an ear wire to the top loop and your ready to light up the room!



This design features the following Swarovski® elements;

  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Golden Shadow Cabochette Bead10mm (2pcs)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Silk Bicone Xillion Bead, 6mm (2pcs)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Light Colorado Topaz Dice Bead, 6mm (2pcs)


Jeweled Hourglass Necklace Kit

This beautiful silhouette showcases 
our lovely orchid filigree hugging a sparkling Swarovski crystal chessboard stone. Pair these pretties with the powerful healing properties of rose quartz for a stunning necklace you'll love to wear! Simply form the edges of filigree around teardrop hoop and connect pieces with jump ring. Place crystal behind hoop onto of filigree. Using chain nose pliers, gently wrap filigree around hoop, securing pieces together. Use your hands to open filigree droplet and add a hole to center with hole punch pliers. String open droplet onto head pin, add rose quartz bead and form points up around bead until snug. Add tapestry bead cap over top of filigree points and bead, form a wrapped loop and suspend from bottom of teardrop hoop. Add your desired length of chain to complete your necklace.



This design features the following Swarovski® elements;

  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Sage Chessboard Circle Flatback Stone, 20mm (1pc)


Burgundy Bubbly Earrings Kit 

Make a statement with this stunning burgundy + champagne color combo! Simply open and transform natural brass filigree droplets into creative settings, hugging shimmery Swarovski crystal rivoli stones. Form a wrapped loop to make gorgeous bead drops with lovely deep burgundy crystal beads. Suspend drops from hand rendered crystal connectors. Attach jump rings and ear wires to complete this beautifully detailed earring design. 



This design features the following Swarovski® elements;

  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Golden Shadow Foiled Rivoli12mm (2pcs)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Burgundy Cubist Bead, 16x10mm (2pcs)


Stepping Stones Bracelet Kit

Adorn your wrist with a neutral palette of Swarovski crystals + stones. Pair this beautiful combination with a variety of our natural brass filigree. Make a layered creative setting for a shimmering crystal rivoli, that shines through the openings of an etruscan window + filigree droplet. Form easy bead links with remaining crystal and stones. Simply link together components and decorative jump rings to assemble this lovey asymmetrical bracelet design.



This design features the following Swarovski® elements;

  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Golden Shadow Foiled Rivoli12mm (1pc)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Golden Shadow Graphic Bead, 12mm (1pc)



We have a special gift for you in DECEMBER 2020! For retail DIY orders $50+ you'll receive this FREE OLIVINE CRYSTAL EARRING KIT featuring stunning crystals from Swarovski *whiles supplies last. 


Thank you for taking the time to check out my New Beginnings inspired DIY jewelry designs! I hope you found a new technique you haven't tried before and you enjoy creating these projects as much as I did. Browse our entire Vintaj Hand Tools collection for all your jewelry making needs and discover all of our DIY Kits HERE.

Happy Designing ~ Jess

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