New Product- Ultimate Marble Medium

by Jeanne Holland August 01, 2023

Introducing the revolutionary new product, Ultimate Marble Medium, designed to elevate your creative projects to new heights. This cutting-edge medium, when combined with Vintaj Ultimate Paint, brings forth the enchanting beauty of marble effects on various surfaces like wood, leather, paper, and more. Embracing the innovative hydro-dip method, users can now effortlessly achieve mesmerizing patterns with stunning results. The process is simple yet magical – the powder medium is mixed with water, and droplets of Ultimate Paint are artfully dripped onto the surface. With a graceful swirl, an intricate pattern emerges on the water's surface. Then, the chosen material, be it wood, paper, or leather, is carefully dipped into the water, causing the enchanting pattern to gracefully adhere, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The Ultimate Marble Medium opens up endless possibilities for artisans, DIY enthusiasts, and crafters to unlock their artistic potential and transform ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art.

To create the mixture: Add ¼ tsp to 1 cup warm water in a covered jar. Shake vigorously until smoothly mixed. Add 1 additional cup of warm water and shake lightly until smooth. Let sit until clear (30 minutes or overnight.)

To use: Pour into a tray or bowl. Smaller containers work best for smaller projects. Drip a generous amount of paint close to the surface, into marbling medium. Create desired pattern. Dip piece into mixture (dipping techniques vary.) Tap off excess liquid. Let dry (drying time varies depending upon substrate.) Seal with resin or glaze.

As demonstrated in the videos, the mesmerizing marble effects on these wood earrings was achieved through the process of individually dipping each blank. This method ensures that each piece receives its unique and distinct pattern, making every creation truly one-of-a-kind.
Our NEW wood blanks shapes are the perfect pairing with Ultimate Marble Medium.
These captivating marble effects were achieved by dipping the entire pop-out panel at once, and then each individual shape was carefully popped out and transformed into unique jewelry pieces. This method allows for consistency in the marble pattern across all the shapes on the panel while still offering the opportunity to create diverse and distinct jewelry items from each individual shape. The combination of the Ultimate Marble Medium and Vintaj Ultimate Paint, along with the hydro-dip technique, brings an unparalleled level of beauty and elegance to the jewelry. Watch the live demo on this technique here.
The beauty of this technique lies in its versatility, allowing you to dream up unique color combinations and patterns limited only by your imagination. The interplay between the medium and the Ultimate Paint creates mesmerizing swirls, veins, and gradients, resulting in one-of-a-kind designs that captivate the eye and evoke a sense of wonder. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or subtle and sophisticated tones, the hydro-dip process allows you to experiment and customize your designs to suit any aesthetic or project.
Unleash your creativity and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of hydro-dipped jewelry with Ultimate Marble Medium  and NEW wood blanks pop-outs and embark on a journey of artistic expression and innovation.

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