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by Ainsley Holland November 15, 2021

Hi everyone! I'm back with a new Mid-month post and product feature! This month's product feature will introduce new items within our Celestial Collection! The designs I created feature mixing metals and using leather as a design element. You'll also see some inset crystals as well as metal stamping; I've included some Design Hints below some of the designs for you to refer to. I hope you find yourself inspired by the new Celestial pieces and my DIY jewelry designs!

 An array of aspects in the nighttime sky, the Celestial Collection includes the sun, the moon and stars in various forms. There are pendants, charms and even filigree pieces within the collection. These pieces are perfect to create designs that celebrate the beauty of our midnight skies. 

My designs also include some of the newly added additions to our Leather Collection. Leather is perfect to mix up what materials you use. Our collection includes both real and vegan leather options as well as a variety of colors and sizes. You can find our crimps that work perfect on our leather ends in our Pins & Hardware Collection.

To incorporate a mixed metals in my designs, I used pieces from our Blanks Collection. You can use blanks to create layers, or you can use our stamping and riveting tools in our Hand Tools Collection to customize them. 

 Hidden Among Stars Necklace

Hidden Among Stars Necklace features mixed metals and the use of jump rings as a design aspect. The copper tones beautifully complement our Vintaj Natural Brass. Part of the pendant features an ombre effect and crystal in the center to tie it together with the copper pendant below. Layering can add interesting dynamics to your jewelry pieces.

Design Hints: For the Lady in the Moon pendant, I used Sandstone Ultimate Paint to emphasize the woman. To create the spots to inset the crystals, I first marked the spots and then, used the Hole Punch Tool to create a divot; I made sure to not puncture the metal. 

 Lyra Constellation Bracelet

This bracelet design features the constellation Lyra, which is a small constellation in the northern sky. It even includes the 5th brightest star, Vega. This constellation is also known as the "Harp Constellation". This bracelet combines silver and copper for a mixed-metal look and has a more industrial feel to it because of the hammered elements. The Turquoise Leather adds a fun pop of color.

Design Hints: To create the Lyra Constellation Bracelet, I used the tools in our Riveting Tool Kit. I started marking the spots I'd be putting the crystals in. Next, I took wire, tapped it down, and hammered it to create the different lines in the piece using my marks as a guide. I recommend doing them one at a time. To create the spots to inset the crystals, I used the Hole Punch Tool to create a divot; I made sure to not puncture the metal. After this, I bent the metal to fit the curve of my wrist. Next, I did a wipe in the lines I created with Onyx Ultimate Paint, and I glued in my crystals. You'll notice the filigree moon is silver instead of its original solid brass color in this piece; I used Nouveau Ultimate Paint to changed its color.

 Moon Drop Earrings

These monochromatic earrings make use of the Teardrop Hoop as a frame for the Crescent Charm. Chain is used to create a pretty, pendulous effect in the design. Chain in design can be used to create different layers that create an interesting element. Despite the the various elements, the monochromatic look allows the earrings to have a simpler feel.

 North Star Necklace

The North Star Necklace makes use of mixed metals and leather to create an adventurous feel. A blank was used to layer, and the jump rings frame the focal-point creating balance. Several jump rings were used to attach the pendant to the leather as an interesting design aspect that allows for more stability. A crystal was glued into the main focal point to draw your eye and balance the gold and silver metal combination of the piece. Mixing metals allows for contrast in your design.

Moon Dance Necklace

This necklace has a long focal that makes use of Turquoise Leather. The Moon Maiden pendant features the color Chalcedony in the Bezel area. Leather can be used as a pendant in itself or like a connector as seen in the Moon Dance Necklace.

Design Hints: If you fold your leather and crimp it, you can hang your pendant from it. Jump rings can be used to help secure and keep the leather together. You can also use wire to wrap beads of your choice along leather to keep it together or as a design aspect. Use Ultimate Paint and resin to create a stone effect in the pendant.

Sun Star Earrings

The Sun Star Earrings make use of the Filigree Tube Bead that is surrounded by crystal beads. This same design element is featured in the Hidden Among Stars Necklace above, so this aspect of the design can be used in multiple ways if desired. In these earrings case, Happy Sun charms are hung from them.

Design Hints: Use Onyx Ultimate Paint to bring out the detail in the Happy Sun charm. Jump rings can be used to as ends that prevent the eye-pins from shifting around too much.


Thanks for taking your time to see my Celestial jewelry designs! These pieces in the Celestial Collection inspired me to think outside-the-box to create these fun designs. Our Leather Collection and Blanks Collection really helped inspire me to play with color and texture when designing. Don't forget about our Skills School to review or learn any techniques you don't know yet. Browse our entire Vintaj Hand Tools collection for all your jewelry making needs. I hope these designs leave you inspired to create beautiful things with our Celestial Collection and more!

Happy Designing ~ Ainsley

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