Product Feature - Colourful Soul Ultimate Stains

by Jess Lincoln February 15, 2022

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love our NEW Ultimate STAINS!! 

The best wood stain on the planet. No stinky, sticky mess! Permanent to wood, extremely durable, low-odor, color-fast, quick drying, blend-able and cleans up with water! Yes, you heard it right. Colourful Soul Ultimate Stain is everything you’ve ever needed for all your wood projects! 

Ultimate Stain can be used to create beautiful and durable effects on wood. It can be blended, layered into highly pigmented finishes. Create ombre-effects with multiple colors, color washes, distress effects, aging effects, antiquing effects, weathered effects, two-tone wood stain techniques, decorative wood staining techniques, wood finishing techniques, staining wood for beginners, advanced wood staining techniques, staining wood wall art, décor, furniture and more. 

Whatever direction you choose, just remember to express yourself, have fun and create!

Stains are currently available in 12 beautiful colors! Bottles sold individually and in 3 sets of 4 ~ 

  WEATHERED WASH Ultimate Stain Set features the following colors ~ 
ebony . sun bleached . weathered gray . white wash

  WOOD TONES Ultimate Stain Set features the following colors ~
walnut . pecan . flaxen . cedar 

 PRIMITIVE FIELD Ultimate Stain Set features the following colors ~
primitive green . wheat field . grassland . turquoise vein 

Shake bottle well. Apply liberally with a soft bristle brush. Evenly coat. Repeat for a more vibrant finish. Create stunning jewelry designs & much more!!

Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds, creating gorgeous opaque cold-enameled finishes with our Ultimate Paints & stunning transparent color washes with our Ultimate Stains. Discover endless color combos by blending, build up layers of color, pour paint, tint resin and the list goes on.... 



Make eye popping designs by simply building up layers of a color. creating a variety of light and dark tones. 


Color Blending
Take a look at how easy it is to create your own unique palette of colors.

To make this lovely dark green finish, as seen in my Monstera Leaf earrings, I blended together; primitive green, grassland and ebony stains.


Have fun experimenting with ombre & pour painting effects as well.

Watch these helpful technique videos to spark your creativity! 


Thank you for taking the time to browse my new Ultimate Stain jewelry projects and design tips! I hope it brings you inspiration ~ the possibilities are endless! 

Happy Designing ~ Jess  


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