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by Jess Lincoln January 15, 2021

Beyond excited for this month's NEW product release featuring a ton of inspiring Green Girl Studios beads, charms & pendants ~ browse entire collection featuring over 100 designs!

Artists Cynthia Thornton and Greg Ogden design, sculpt and carve their creations from their studio in Ashville, NC. Inspired by magical tales, each bead, charm, and pendant the couple creates tells a story. These whimsical creations are cast from solid pewter and plated the with finest finishes here in the USA.

For over 15 years, I have adored designing with their gorgeous "mini sculpture" art beads. These nature themed elements are the perfect complement with our metals. We couldn't be happier to offer GGS pieces in a variety of styles and our metal finishes.... 

Kindness Grows Necklace Kit

Scatter seeds of kindness everywhere! Pair this lovely double-sided "kindness" tag + detailed tree button to create a beautiful necklace focal. This nature-inspired mixed metal design features faceted labradorite beads and Kenya silver heishi spacers, which are a stunning complement to our natural brass, artisan copper, bronze antique & pewter antique finishes.

Easily turn button into a pendant by adding an 11.25mm cable jump ring (to top) + 17mm roped jump ring (to bottom) of the back shank, to attach pieces both above and below the tree. String silver heishi beads onto roped jump ring for added dimension. Simply add holes to bottoms of nouveau leaves to make them into decorative connectors trailing up your necklace strand.  


Woodland Spirit Bracelet Kit 

Make and wear this stunning bracelet with some of our favorite nature elements! This pretty combination of natural brass + artisan copper leaves pair perfectly with these sweet little Green Girl bird + tree charms. 

Use the 8.5mm barrel of Filigree Shaping Pliers to simply form taliesin leaf into a beautiful tube bead, to fit over top of rounded oval chain. Punch additional holes into remaining leaves to easily turn them into connectors.  


Hope Bird Necklace Kit

"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul" ~ Emily Dickison
Create this dreamy necklace design with a Green Girl Bird Hope Coin, with touches of patina + resin to accentuate its remarkable hand-carved details. A beautiful blend of natural brass, solid brass, copper antique and gorgeous blue lace agate give this design added dimension. 

Simply apply clay patina to the bird hope coin. Use a paper towel to remove patina from raised areas of the pendant. Reapply patina as needed until you have your desired color and effect. To create an enameled look, add a layer of ICE Resin overtop the patinaed pendant and allow to cure 24 hours before handling. Punch holes in bottom of leaf charms to incorporate as creative connectors in your necklace.



Peaceful View Necklace Kit

"Life is as Good as you see it... So open up those eyes and Enjoy the view!" ~ Timothy Pina

Perch a cute Green Girl Barn Owl in a teardrop hoop, overlooking our natural brass woodland leaf and GGS Leaf Branch.  Accent with pretty little opaque flower beads dropping from this long layered pendant. 


Simply apply hematite + agate patinas to different areas of the leaf branch to add color to this stunning piece. To create an enameled look, add a tiny bit of ICE Resin overtop the patinaed leaves and allow to cure 24 hours before handling. Punch a hole in bottom of leaf charm to incorporate as creative connector suspending from barn owl.



Enchanted Meadow Earrings Kit 

Simplistic Beauty! Make these lovely earrings in just minutes. Pair pretty Green Girl Butterfly Floral Discs with our artisan copper nouveau leaves, suspending from natural brass long arched ear wires, for an earring design everyone will love!  


Thank you for taking the time to browse my inspiration pieces. I hope you enjoyed these designs and are inspired to create with these amazing Green Girl Studios pieces. Happy Designing ~ Jess

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Barbara Seth
Barbara Seth

August 17, 2022

Just discovered your website. Great charms! Love the stained coloring.

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