Season Remembered - DIY Jewelry Making Inspiration

by Jess Lincoln November 02, 2020

~ All You Need Is Love ~ 

Vintaj Romantic

November sure arrived quickly and is ready to take us into another beautiful time of year, as we prepare for Thanksgiving, Christmas and many other Holiday traditions around the world. With the Autumn season soon wrapping up, we begin to reflect on the year and look forward to creating new memories. Take time to make every moment special and be grateful for those in your life! 

I'm excited and honored to join the fun and design for the Spend the Holidays with Swarovski® promotion ~ to create Autumn & Winter inspired jewelry with their gorgeous sparkling crystals! Here's my twist on a Vintage-inspired "Vintaj" traditional holiday. I designed a variety of nature themed inspirational DIY jewelry kits for you to enjoy creating during the transition from Autumn to Winter... 

These designs feature a variety of brass stampings + solid pewter castings in a variety of metal finishes from our ROMANTIC collection ~ SHOP sale items through 11/30/20

Get ready to learn some fun + easy jewelry making techniques! 
Enjoy browsing this post to discover quick tips, jewelry kit bundles and my favorite tools & supplies used to create them.  

Let's get creative together & sparkle this Holiday Season... 


Interested in making your own Season Remembered inspired jewelry?  Be sure to pick up our Limited Edition Nature's Reflection Bead Mix, which is full of a gorgeous assortment of Swarovski® Crystal elements, Czech glass, Fire Polished Glass, Asian Cut Crystal & Gemstones.  

Swarovski® Crystal colors that I was inspired by to create this bead mix feature the following sparkling elements;

  • Crystal Iridescent Green Rivoli, 12mm (2pcs) 
  • Crystal Powder Green Pearl, 10mm (2pcs)
  • Crystal Copper Margarita Bead, 8mm (2pcs)

Each DIY jewelry kit shown below includes a different assortment of Swarovski crystal elements + beads used to create that specific design. Each will note the type of crystal used below the image. 

This transitional season inspired color palette of crystals + beads complement our natural brass, solid brass, copper antique, artisan pewter, pewter antique and bronze antique finishes beautifully!  

Embracing Peace Necklace Kit ~

Create a sense of balance & harmony with a variety of beautifully detailed natural brass filigree components and shimmering Swarovski crystal pendants. Attach crystals to figure eight connectors, simply open with chain nose pliers as you would a jump ring. Attach opposite end of connectors to loops on boho fan filigree, creating a cascading effect bringing the largest crystal to the center point. Use metal awl or hole punch pliers to carefully enlarge opening at bottom tip of filigree leaf charms to fit jump ring and attach to pendant and chain, alternating the direction of leaves. This tranquil design can be worn at any length, adjust chain strand to your desired look!

This design features the following Swarovski® elements;

  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Iridescent Green Meteor Pendant, 18mm (1pc)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Iridescent Green Xilion Oval Pendant, 12mm (2pcs)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Copper Octagon Pendant, 8mm (6pcs)


Cherished Memories Necklace Kit ~

Keep the joy of the holiday season close to your heart with this simple and beautiful necklace design. Create a lovely stacked focal to suspend a pretty cherished heart charm. Secure a sparkling Swarovski crystal golden shadow cosmic oval fancy stone in the center of a natural brass trellis filigree ~ string straight end of eye pin around oval crystal and through long opening of filigree and back up through top center opening. Add iridescent green crystal mini oval bead to remaining eye pin wire, form a simple loop with round nose pliers to secure. Repeat technique on opposite side of oval crystal stone and filigree, adding heart charm to loop you form at bottom of bead. Attach roped jump ring to top of pendant and connect chain strands to complete necklace. Makes the perfect gift for a loved one, they will treasure it and remember precious memories you've built together!

This design features the following Swarovski® elements;

  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Golden Shadow CAL'V'SI Cosmic Oval Fancy Stone, 22x16mm (1pc)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Iridescent Green Mini Oval Bead, 10x8mm (2pcs)



Holiday Cheer Earrings Kit ~

Make a statement this holiday season with a beautiful vintage inspired earring! Transform stunning iridescent green Swarovski crystal rivolis into gorgeous connectors. Simply suspend detailed natural brass filigree decor components from crystals and adorn with a lovely garnet colored Czech glass flower, tiny crystal bead and ornate filigree bead cap to complete this eye catching earring design.

Learn how to filigree wrap crystal rivioli stones in this VIDEO TUTORIAL, featuring this technique used in another fun and unique way!

This design features the following Swarovski® elements;

  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Iridescent Green Foiled Rivoli, 12mm (2pcs)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Aurore Boreale Xilion Bead, 3mm (2pcs)



November Splendor Bracelet Kit ~

Embrace the beauty of Autumn's transformation, from brilliant Fall colors soon to bring frosty Winter scenery. Mixed metals capture the season, pair copper antique, natural brass and shiny Swarovski crystals to create a gorgeous nature-inspired bracelet. This design lays comfortably on your wrist, as the pattern alternates between layered filigree and organic shapes simply framing crystal mini beads. Easily form two opposite ends of violet petal filigree up and around edge of pressed daisy connector, gently crimp with pliers to secure. Bring together this unique combination of components and beads to complete bracelet strands, centering the filigree wrapped artisan made focal.

This design features the following Swarovski® elements;

  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Iridescent Green Mini Drop Bead, 12x8mm (2pcs)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Iridescent Green Mini Square Bead, 8mm (2pcs)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Light Silk Mini Rectangle Bead, 10x8mm (2pcs)



Joyful Gathering Necklace Kit ~

Bring together a beautiful combination of nature-inspired natural brass + solid brass components to make a breathtaking layered pendant! Simply add a hole to top flower bud on stemmed flower using hole punch pliers. Layer piece over right side of rose jay pendant lining the flower bud up just below center of bird. Simply tuck stem through opening between leaves and use your hands or chain nose pliers to wrap and guide the stem around edge of pendant until completely wrapped and secure. Suspend stunning iridescent green Swarovski crystal pendants from bottom of layered focal using jump rings. Create a pretty stacked bead drop with garnet colored Czech glass flower, rhombus-shaped crystal and filigree bead cap by forming a wrapped loop on head pin. Adorn the top of pendant with floral bead drop and slide onto fine ornate chain to complete your look.

This design features the following Swarovski® elements;


  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Iridescent Green Pure Leaf Pendant, 14mm (1pc)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Iridescent Green Xilion Oval Pendant, 12mm (2pcs)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Iridescent Green Mini Rhombus Bead, 8mm (1pc)



Grateful Heart Earrings Kit ~
Create a beautiful cascading earring featuring our natural brass delicate heart charms + ornate etched dangles. Easily make a variety of pretty bead drops and links forming simple loops on eye pins and paddle head pins. Connect and suspend assortment of bead drops and links from openings of the heart on either side of brass dangles. Secure a stunning Swarovski crystal flower-shaped bead to the center opening of heart using a pearl head pin and wire-wrapping it up and around the top of the crystal and just below the loop of the charm. Attached ear wires and you have a happy pair of earrings that everyone will love! 

This design features the following Swarovski® elements;


  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Iridescent Green Mini Rhombus Bead, 8mm (4pcs)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Copper Margarita Bead, 8mm (2pcs)



 Be Thankful Necklace Kit ~

Create a beautiful bouquet of brass & Swarovski beads in the form of a delightful necklace. Easily form a variety of bead drops using simple, coiled and wrapped loops for added dimension to your cascading cluster, suspending from open areas of scrolling bluebell + delicate crest filigree. Using a bail making plier or round nose plier to turn ornate etched dangle into a unique bail which will hold your eye catching pendant and a lovely natural brass figaro chain to complete your necklace.  

This design features the following Swarovski® elements; 

  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Powder Green Pearl, 10mm (1pc)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Iridescent Green Mini Round Bead, 8mm (1pc)
  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Crystal Copper Octagon Pendant, 8mm (1pc)


We have a special gift for you in NOVEMBER 2020! For retail DIY orders $50+ you'll receive this FREE Pendant Kit ~ Crystal from Swarovski *while supplies last!

This design features the following Swarovski® element; 

  • Swarovski Crystal ~ Siam Rivoli, 12mm (1pc)


Thank you for taking the time to check out my Season Remembered inspired DIY jewelry designs and tutorials! I hope you found a new technique you haven't tried before and you enjoy creating these projects as much as I did. Browse our entire Vintaj Hand Tools collection for all your jewelry making needs and discover all of our DIY Kits HERE. Happy Designing ~ Jess

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