Unveiling the Ultimate Brights Collection: Crafting Dreamy Jewelry Designs with Lasting Enamel Effects

by Jeanne Holland December 18, 2023

Step into a world of vibrant possibilities with the latest Vintaj Ultimate Brights Collection. This eclectic range boasts an array of stunning colors, including neon paints, dayglow stains, the captivating Scarab Wing, and the enchanting Iridescent Green. In this blog post, we'll explore the art of blending these hues to craft mesmerizing and dreamy effects on your Vintaj Jewelry findings—all without the need for sealing, as these water-based paints clean up effortlessly. Not only do they offer enchanting colors, but they also create durable and permanent enamel effects on metal.

Achieving dreamy effects is all about mastering the art of blending. Experiment with different color combinations, layering techniques, and application methods. Create gradient effects by blending colors seamlessly or add depth with layered applications. Let your creativity flow, knowing that clean-up is a breeze with water. The added benefit is that these paints create lasting enamel effects on metal.

Add a pop of energy to your jewelry creations with this blend of scarab wing, neon yellow, neon blue, and neon orange. Experiment with blending these colors to create a dynamic earthy combo that catches the eye.

Embrace the mysterious beauty of the scarab. Apply a base coat of scarab wing and top with dayglow blue and dayglow pink ultimate stain while wet. This deep, rich layered color adds a touch of sophistication to this gorgeous natural brass scarab stamping. 

The vibrant color combination on the cicada pendant is achieved by creating a base coat with a blend of blend of dayglow pink, dayglow blue, and iridescent green and layering a blend of scarab wing, neon yellow, neon blue, and neon orange in sections, allowing the base layer to show through. 

Revel in the whimsical possibilities of Iridescent Green, with its semi-sheer quality adding a dreamy and magical element to your Vintaj Jewelry findings. Add a thin coat to a natural brass butterfly and coins for a ethereal shimmer. Create a dreamy blend of dayglow pink, dayglow blue, and iridescent green to adorn the bezel frames and dragonfly pendant. The scarab charms are topped with scarab wing and embedded in UV resin. 

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