doTERRA ASCEND Diffuser Bracelet

The amazing benefits of the mandala are close at hand. Diffuse with this bracelet and utilize aromatic and topical benefits from your favorite essential oils as they rest on your pulse point. The silky feel of the smooth natural metal is just another bonus you will enjoy as you wear this bracelet packed full of peace and purpose.

Size - One Size


Simply put a few drops of essential oil directly onto the outside of your diffuser, let it soak into the bamboo felt, and enjoy!


The bamboo felt diffuser is permanently secured. Depending on the strength of your essential oil, the aroma will fade in 1 to 2 days, naturally cleansing itself to make room for your next essential oil.


If desired, simply use mild soap and water to clean. Bamboo is naturally lightweight, odorless and dries quickly.


Providing a clear pathway to your aroma benefits, we design exclusively with pure metals. Just as there are no contaminants, fillers or adulterations in our oils, our metals are set to the same standard. We source our solid brass in the USA where we can follow its production from the ground to your hands. Each artisan piece is passed from our hands to yours and is ready to diffuse your favorite essential oil.


The purity of the materials we diffuse with are just as important as the purity of the oils themselves. Our natural brass is comprised of copper and zinc, which we naturally contain in our bodies. Both elements play a role in maintaining the immune system. Bamboo is a naturally purifying plant which is extremely durable, absorbent, lightweight, odorless and dries quickly, making this the perfect companion to your essential oil diffusing.


Our eco 7-step hand-crafted artisan finish gives the jewelry its beautiful rich color and glow. Natural Brass will lighten and darken with wear and the use of oils. It will go from a rich caramel brown to a light gold luster depending upon how often you wear it. Both lusters are considered in its natural state and are unique to the wearer.


We place the highest importance on pairing affordable, high quality diffuser jewelry with pure essential oils so you can enjoy the freedom to diffuse without going to great expense.

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