Dark Brown Leather Choker, (1pc)

Made in the USA

Size: 16”

Wear as is, adorn this beautiful necklace base with your favorite accessories or embellish with a variety of beads and jewelry findings to personalize the design to fit your style.

Bronze Antique

To ensure longevity in your designs, each finding is plated using 3-5 mils of precious metal (HEAVY plating), with a flexible finish, designed to be shaped and formed.

Realeather® deerskin lace is cut from North American whitetail deer hides. This 2 oz. leather lace is lightweight yet strong; flexible, yet offers enough stretch for workability. It can be tapered to a very fine point for beading, it braids easily and is commonly used for finely finished garments, smaller projects, jewelry, and home decor items. Available in a variety of colors.