Ultimate Paint Set, Gemstone Sea (5pcs)

Colourful Soul Ultimate Paint by Vintaj

Gemstone Sea (Set)

CSUP067 Amethyst
CSUP066 Emerald
CSUP052 Coral
CSUP054 Earth
CSUP038 Green Opal


The best stuff on the planet. Permanent to wood, metal, resin, acrylic, leather, fabric and most anything under the sun (except silicone & rubber) Colourful Soul Ultimate Paint is everything you need!

A smooth flowing paint with a flawless finish, it is extremely durable once dried, low-odor, quick drying, blend-able and cleans up with water.

Ultimate Paint can be used to create beautiful and durable vintaj patina effects on metal and as an opaque colorant for resin. It can be blended with Ultimate Paint Glaze to create sheer stain-like effects on wood and glaze-like effects on metal.

Shake well before each use for optimal performance.