Backstage Pass Membership

As a Backstage Pass Member, you'll have access to:

. Exclusive LIVE Master Classes
. 2x the Rewards Points (for every $20 you spend, you receive $10 to redeem on any Vintaj branded jewelry item)
. Monthly VINTAJ STASH shipment (thank you goodie bag valued at $50 or higher)

Master Class Exclusive LIVE broadcasts! You’ll be instructed by three industry top designers. These advanced techniques are developed to give you the design expertise and the knowledge to create gorgeous pieces of art using jewelry design shortcuts! Wendy Mullane, Jeanne Holland, Logan Flack, Sawyer Mullane & Ainsley Holland have been teaching in the jewelry industry for over 15 years. Some of the techniques you will learn are: patina effects without corrosive materials, precious gemstone, effects without the use of stones, raku and torch-less effects without heat... and so many others. Join the live classes to receive more valuable Give-and-take from the community of designers, who help provide an enriching environment to  inspire you and give you a feeling of friendship & creativity! 

Earn double points on regular priced items. Redeem your points on any regular price Vintaj jewelry components and findings.

Every month we send out a Vintaj Stash. Thank you for being a member. This will always have a value of $50 or higher.

If you like Vintaj products, friendships, and jewelry design; you will love this membership!