B0108 - Forest Weave - Designer: Guest Designer

by Vintaj January 24, 2020

Forest Weave by Guest Designer, Jamie North

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Combining three of my favorite elements - Vintaj Natural Brass, Unicorne Glass and Swarovski crystals!

The look of random stringing isn't really random at all! Each of the three forest vines is designed to weave in, out and around your wrist, allowing the gorgeous colors of a walk in the woods to peek in and out, all coming together with a fabulous burst of organic shapes at the clasp. A small layering of leaves and crystals compliment the forest them on the ring side of the closure. As easy and fun to wear as it is beautiful!

Vintaj Natural Brass materials:
BD230 - Arched Tube Bead
BD200 - 6mm Flower Spacer Beads
BD30 - 4mm Melon Bead
BD170 - Circle Spacer & Crimp Cover
JR10 - 4mm Jump Ring/Spacer
JR240 - 7.25mm Jump Ring
TR30 - Water Lily Toggle Ring
TB20 - Engraved Oval Toggle Bar
DP270 - Filigree Leaf Charm
DP370 - Filigree Tear Drop
HP2 - 2" Head Pin.

Other materials:
4mm and 6mm Swarovski bicones
Bronze Medium Softflex
sterling silver 2mm crimp tubes.
Donut Beads - www.unicornegifts.com

Bead Stoppers
Round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers (2)
Crimping pliers
Side cutter

When stringing, precede and follow each donut bead with either a flower spacer or bicone. The spacer or bicone will 'nestle' into the donut and ensure it sits properly on the Softflex. Each tube should start and end with a flower spacer for a finished look. To cover crimps in this piece you will disconnect the wires once crimped and slide covers over the end of the wires so make sure you leave enough room on your wire to re-connect to the jump ring ... you'll see what I mean in step 2 below..

Step-by-Step Instructions:


Cut 3 pieces of medium Bronze Softflex leaving ample length for crimping. (I usually cut each a bit under a foot.) Use one bead stopper to hold all 3 strands but separate them along the stopper so they can be strung individually; Using 3 tubes on two strands and 4 tubes on the other strand randomly sting flower spacers, donuts, bicones and tube beads so that the tubes are all starting at different points on the strands - this way, you have color and texture throughout your piece once its woven rather than sections that are just tubes or sections that are all beads.


Leaving your ends in the stopper, move your strung materials into the centre of your strand and reposition your bead stopper; Braid or do an over/under weave to intertwine your strands so that they sit evenly; String a sterling silver 2mm crimp tube onto each strand, through a closed 7.25 mm jump ring and back through the crimp tube; use crimping pliers to crimp each strand fairly loosely; Re-open the jump ring, slide the crimped ends off, string a crimp cover onto each strand, and return the wires in the same order onto the jump ring (I find this method easier than trying to open the natural brass crimp covers and then getting them back into shape. It allows for a nice cover to your ends.); Carefully maneuver the Water Lily Toggle Ring onto the jump ring and close the jump ring.


Follow the same crimping process to attach the other ends of your strands to a 7.25mm jump ring but bend the bracelet slightly so that it won't be strung too tight once completed; Pass a head pin through the front of your toggle bar, string one 4mm melon bead and create a wrapped loop making sure to attach the 7.25mm jump ring with the last 3 strands attached. The melon bead will ensure that your toggle bar sits inside your toggle ring unencumbered; With a second head pin, string a 6mm bicone and create a wrapped loop; Open a 4mm jump ring and add a filigree leaf, a filigree teardrop (or butterfly, or bird, or whatever you wish), and the wrapped loop of your bicone; Attach this layered dangle to the toggle ring side of your clasp.

Jamie North is an avid beader and aspiring jewelry designer. Jamie's first published design appeared in Bead & Button magazine, June 2008 edition; she has a design scheduled to be published in Bead Style in November 2008; and is delighted to have been invited to instruct a workshop at CREATE YOUR STYLE in Tucson a CRYSTALLIZED™- Swarovski Elements event in February 2009. Jamie can be reached through her website www.JamieNorth.etsy.com.

Techniques: Stringing, Toggle,

Materials: Pearls, Crystals, Lampwork glass, Copper, Silver, Pewter,

Products Used:

  • TR30
  • TB50
  • DP270
  • BD230
  • NULL
  • NULL
  • NULL