Colourful Soul Wood Jewelry Pendant Pop-Outs

Simply pop-out your pendants and begin designing! Each baltic birch Colourful Soul jewelry pop-out panel has 6 to 16 designs with original art by the Vintaj Design Team! These artfully arranged pieces are designed to be painted, stained, aged, resin coated, cold enameled, mini pour art, or simply worn as is! Each panel is pre-finished with a natural wood sealant for a smooth paint and finish experience. Baltic Birch hardwood is from the snowy forests of the north and is extremely durable. Each panel is a collection with a theme, so you'll have many pieces to design a cohesive collection of jewelry or ensemble. Jewelry is not the only thing you can use these pieces for. Use these cool pieces as zipper pulls, backpack charms, shoe charms, pins, jeans charms, desk art. Whatever direction you choose, just remember to have fun and relax! MADE IN THE USA 
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