B0188 - Butterfly Orchid - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by Vintaj January 24, 2020

Featured Project ~ August 2010

Inspired by our Butterfly Orchid theme, this design reflects beautiful cool summer shades of aqua, vibrant fuchsia & purple of orchid petals & the delicate wings of a butterfly. Learn how you can create a colorful combination upon arte metal and natural brass wings. The rich tones of these mixed metals are the perfect complement to any design!

Vintaj natural brass & arte metal:
ADV011- Marcasite Butterfly Decorivet 40 x 30mm
ADV024- Hobnail Ring Decorivet 14.5mm
BC50- Etruscan Bead Cap 8mm
BC60- Flower Petal Bead Cap 7mm
EP1- 1 inch Eye Pin
HP2- 2 inch Head Pin
JR10- 4mm Jump Ring/Spacer
JR30- 5.25mm Jump Ring
JR40- 7.25mm Jump Ring
P30- Open Work Butterfly
TSPW10- 20g Vintaj Bronze Wire
TSPW20- 24g Vintaj Bronze Wire

Tools & Supplies:
Rosary / round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Side cutter
Metal file set
Non-Stick Craft Sheet
Paper Towels
Q-Tips (Optional)

Other Materials:
Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabbers: Juniper - Rangerink.com
Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Inks: Pool, Sailboat Blue & Purple Twilight - Rangerink.com
Inkssentials Glossy Accents - Rangerink.com
Purple drop pearls - Beadaholique.com
8mm Xilion Swarovski Crystal Pendant Bead: Cyclamen Opal - Beadaholique.com
Additional beads: Aqua glass pearls, Aqua faceted glass beads, 3mm Pacific Opal AB 2X Swarovski Crystal Bicone Bead


Step 1: Paint & ink butterflies.
*Arte Metal Marcasite Decorivet Butterfly*
A. Apply Juniper paint dabbers over the surface of the arte metal butterfly. Wipe the paint off the raised areas with a paper towel.
B. Apply Sailboat Blue alcohol ink over the entire painted butterfly. Pick up the butterfly, hold it vertically over the paper towel and apply Pool alcohol inks to the bottom corners of the wings.
C. Turn butterfly upside down, hold it vertically over the paper towel and apply Purple Twilight alcohol inks to the top corners of the wings.
Tip: for a more controlled application, apply inks to a Q-tip then to the butterfly. This technique will appear more faded in color.
D. Let dry for a few minutes. Use round nose pliers to turn in the rivet points towards the backside of butterfly, creating loops on each end. Set aside.

*Natural Brass Open Work Butterfly*
A. Apply Juniper paint dabbers over the surface of the natural brass butterfly. Wipe the paint off the raised areas with a paper towel.
B. Apply Sailboat Blue & Pool alcohol ink throughout different areas of the painted butterfly, in a random pattern. Allow to dry for a few minutes.

Step 2: Seal paint & ink.
A. Lay both butterflies over your non-stick craft sheet or a protected surface. Apply a medium to thin layer of Glossy Accents over the painted and inked areas. Set aside and let dry for a minimum of 4 to 5 hours or let sit over night before handling.

Step 3: Create Beaded Strands.
A. Wire-wrap tear drop pearls using 24g bronze wire. Coil wire over the top of the pearl creating a dangle.
B. Wire-wrap faceted glass beads using 20g bronze wire. Create a coiled loop on each end of bead.
C. String bead caps and glass pearls onto eye pins. Form a simple loop.
D. Link together beads and dangles using 5.25mm and 7.25mm jump rings.

Step 4: Creative Toggle.
A. Use wire cutters to cut one rivet point off the end of the hobnail ring decorivet. Use a metal file set to smooth any sharp edges. Use round nose pliers to create a loop with the remaining rivet point. Attach loop to one end of the linked strand.
B. Create a double loop on a piece of 20g wire. String three 3mm crystals, a 5.25mm jump ring, three 3mm crystals and form another double loop to secure beads. Attach beaded toggle bar to the opposite end of bracelet.

Your bracelet is complete, Enjoy!

Techniques: Linking, Clustering, Alcohol Inks, Painting, Sealing,

Materials: Pearls, Crystals, Art glass, Faceted glass, Acrylic Paint, Alcohol Ink, Glossy Accents,

Products Used:

  • P30
  • ADV011
  • ADV024
  • BC50
  • TSPW20
  • BC60
  • NULL
  • NULL