B0263 - Barn Door - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by Vintaj January 24, 2020

Inspired by our Rustic Barn theme and this cool Earthenwood Lumber Escutcheon Pendant, Jess created a barn door lock & key focal and creative toggle clasp. An Arte Metal Skeleton Key was textured and flattened to give it a distressed look. A hole was adding to the center of the key to form a toggle bar. The focal clasp was accented with Lumber Link Squares, red agate and tiger eye beads give the design an earthy and rustic feel.

Techniques: Linking, Texturing, Drilling,

Materials: Gemstones, Ceramic, Porcelain,

Products Used:

  • AP0004
  • JRD10
  • HW0062
  • TSPW40
  • JR20
  • HP1
  • NULL
  • NULL