B0420 - Flight Over Fields - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by Vintaj January 24, 2020

Vintaj Vogue is solid brass, ready to finish with your favorite techniques. Our semi-finished, packaged jewelry line is hand patinaed. Charms and pendants are grouped together and chains are finished to make designing a breeze.

Create a beautiful bracelet focal with patina and glued layers. Simply curve components to form to the sides of your wrists as decorative connectors. Add a coordinating bead link and bracelet chain to complete your design.

Patina Colors:

Techniques: Linking, Patina, Glaze,

Materials: Art glass, Faceted glass, Vintaj Patina, Vintaj Glaze,

Products Used:

  • PV417R
  • ESV055R
  • EPV15R
  • JRV30R
  • P024
  • VPK34834