E0228 - Crystal Copper - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by Vintaj March 03, 2020

Inspired by our November 2011 CRYSTAL COPPER theme.

Create a beautiful design with our Bontanical Flourish DecoEtch Die on Artisan Copper Large Circle Blanks. Add holes to cluster chain and crystals to make sparkling chandelier earrings.

Create your own earrings in 7 easy steps. . . Follow this link to our Step-by-Step Tutorial to get started!

Swarovski Crystal elementsfrom Beadaholique.com!

6mm Flower Margarita Beads - Light Colorado Topaz (2)

4mm Bicone Beads - Crystal Copper (4)

6mm Round Beads - Crystal Copper (4)

6mm Bicone Beads - Crystal Copper (2)

6mm Bicone Pendant Beads - Light Colorado Topaz (4)

16 x 11mm Baroque Pendants - Light Colorado Topaz (2)

Techniques: Linking,Clustering,Etching,Drilling,Painting,

Materials: Pearls, Crystals,

Products Used:

  • CHW0005
  • AJR0001
  • V-657652
  • TS0016
  • V-657650
  • AER0001
  • CH10
  • CH10R