E0432 - Copper Trail - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by Vintaj March 03, 2020

String Artisan Copper Tube Beads onto 1.5 inch eye pins and form a simple loop. Use Round Nose Pliers to add texture to the beads. Simply squeeze pliers as you work your way down the bead. Try rotating the bead as you make dimples to create different patterns in the metal. Test with a variety of tool tips for different effects. Lightly sand with a Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block to highlight the copper and make the pattern pop!

Techniques: Linking,Texturing,

Materials: Art glass, Faceted glass,Gemstones,

Products Used:

  • BC60
  • BC160
  • CBD30
  • CBD230
  • HP2
  • ER0002
  • V-ER958
  • EP15