N0040 - Wings and Things Necklace - Designer: Jeanne Holland

by VJMco January 21, 2020


Natural brass beads & findings: BC20, BC90, BD30, BD70, BD170, BD120, C2H30, CL30, DP10, DP40, DP140, EP15, HP1, JR20, JR40, P10

This necklaces takes fight with Vintaj Natural Brass Ornate Butterfly Pendant, Dragonfly Connector and many charms.

Light reflecting aqua and hyacinth glass beads and crystals are the perfect accent.

Techniques: Linking, Stringing, Clustering,

Materials: , Pearls/Crystals, Art glass/Faceted glass,

Products Used:

  • P10
  • BD130
  • C2H30
  • DP10
  • DP40