N0060 - Day "Dream" Affirmation Necklace - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by VJMco January 21, 2020


Natural brass beads & findings: BD170, BD180, CE10, CL30, JR20, JR30, P121

Tools & Supplies: TS-02, TS-04, TS-05

Necklace designed with a neutral combination of browns and plums, a great style for that every day casual look!


Step 1: Create pedant.
A: Simply layer a dream affirmation ring(P121) with a Jasper donut.
B: Cut a piece of brown suede approximately 3" longer than your desired length.
C: Loop the center of suede through the opening of the layered ring and donut.

Step 2: Apply crimp ends to necklace.
A: Using chain nose pliers, tuck in the end of suede into the opening of the crimp end(CE10).
B: Fold over each side of crimp end, one at a time until tightly attached. Repeat on opposite side of necklace.
C: Attach a 4.5mm jump ring(JR20) to one crimp end, on opposite side attach a lobster clasp(CL30) to a 4.5mm jumpring.

Step 3: Create beaded strands.
A: Cut two pieces of bead wire approximately the same length of the suede, from pendant to crimp ends.
B: Crimp each strand of bead wire to the same 6mm jump ring(JR30) and attach jump ring around both pieces of suede near pendant.
C: String 1 circle spacer/crimp cover(BD170), 1 purple matte 8/0 seed bead, 4 purple matte 10/0 triangle seed beads. Repeat on opposite side.
D: Crimp end of bead wire to the 4.5mm jump ring at the end of necklace. Repeat on opposite side.

Step 4: Attach beaded strands and suede together.
A: Using chain nose pliers, attach a 4.5mm jump ring through the loop of suede near the pendant.
B: Continue by feeding the 4.5mm jump ring through the 6mm jump ring connected to the beaded strands and completely close. You now have a simple, casual & everyday necklace!

Techniques: Stringing,

Materials: Gemstones, Leather/Silks/Fibers,

Products Used:

  • BD170
  • BD180
  • CL30
  • JR20
  • P121