N0065 - Enamel Moon - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by VJMco January 21, 2020

You can create this fun necklace using basic wrapping, linking and stringing techniques. A simple design that shouts detail!

Natural brass beads & findings:
BD70 - 3mm Melon Bead
BD150 - 3mm Trade Spacer
BD180 - 2mm Round Crimp
CH30 - 7mm Etched Cable
CH40 - 3mm Cable
CH50 - 10mm Round Link
CL20 - 11mm x 5mm Filigree Clasp
F370 - 44mm Diamond Swirl Filigree
HP1 - 1" Head Pin
JR10 - 4mm Jump Ring/Spacer
JR20 - 4.5mm Jump Ring
JR30 - 6mm Jump Ring
JR40 - 8mm Jump Ring
P100 - 16mm x 26mm Man in the Moon Pendant
P121 - 22mm Dream Affirmation Ring

Tools & Supplies:
TS-03 - Ergonomic Rosary Plier, Round with Cutter
TS-04 - Ergonomic Chain Nose Plier with Cutter
TS-05 - 7 Strand Bronze Beading Wire

Other materials:
32mm Handmade Enamel Pendant
6mm, 4mm & 3mm Swarovski Crystal
11/0 Seed Beads


Step 1: Create the Filigree Pendant.
A: Attach Man in the Moon Pendant to enamel using a 6mm jump ring.
B: Turn in the edges of the filigree to approximately the same size as the enamel using rosary pliers.
C: Set the enamel inside the filigree.
D: Crimp down the filigree edges to secure the enamel and moon pendant using the chain nose pliers. Go through the edges again and re-crimp until they are symmetrical and secure.

Step 2: Create Dangles on Pendant.
A: Set aside, 7 links of 3mm cable chain, and two single links of 3mm cable chain for attaching crystal dangles.
B: Create crystal dangles on three 1" head pins. String one 6mm crystal, two 4mm jump ring/spacers, one 3mm melon onto a 1" head pin. String one 3mm trade spacer, one 4mm crystal onto a 1" head pin. String one 3mm crystal onto a 1" head pin.
C: To make the loop on dangles, hold the head pin and cut approximately 1/4" above the bead using the side cutters on the rosary pliers.
D: Holding the beads securely with your fingers, use the rosary pliers to grip the top of the head pin. While still holding securely, pull the head pin toward you, bending it into a 45 degree angle.
E: Continue by turning the head pin away from you (keeping the angle) until you've completed one full loop. (Repeat this technique to create three dangles).

Step 3: Attach Dangles to Pendant.
A: Using chain nose pliers attach the 6mm crystal dangle to one end of the 7 links of cable chain.
B: Using one of the single links, attach the 3mm crystal dangle to the fourth link from the top of chain.
C: Repeat by attaching the 4mm crystal dangle to the second link from the top of chain.
D: Attach first link of chain to the 6mm jump ring at the top of enamel, which is also holding the moon pendant.

Step 4: String Bead Strand.
A: Cut a 27" piece of bronze beading wire.
B: String 23" of seed beads.
C: Crimp both ends of bead wire to one 4.5mm jump ring(this will create a double strand look).
D: Attach the 4.5mm jump ring to the filigree clasp .
E: Feed the double bead strand through one closed 8mm jump ring, and pull strand until it is half of the length of the opposite side.

Step 5: Attach Bead Strand to Affirmation Ring & Chain.
A: Attach 14 links of 7mm etched cable chain to the dream affrimation ring.
B: Secure opposite end of chain to the filigree clasp.
C: Loop the double bead strand through the ring, until it is securely held by chain and ring.
D: Using chain nose pliers attach one link of 10mm round link chain to the finished pendant, and through the 8mm jump ring holding bead strands together. Close completely to secure pendant.

Your necklace is complete, Enjoy!

Techniques: Wrapping, Stringing, Clustering,

Materials: , Pearls/Crystals, Artist Rendered Enamels, Seed Beads, Stickers,

Products Used:

  • F370
  • P121
  • P100
  • CL20
  • JR30