N0082 - Woodland Leaf Necklace - Designer: Wendy Mullane

by VJMco January 21, 2020

Great Project Idea!

To complete the Woodland Toggle Set we suggest using a JR30- 6mm jump ring to attach to the center of Woodland toggle bar to complete your design.
Simply attach two or three JR30- 6mm jump rings together using two pairs of chain nose pliers and then secure one to the center of the “branch” end of the Woodland Toggle Set. The remaining jump rings can then be attached to an end of your bracelet or necklace.

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"Inspiration in Every Finding"

Techniques: Wrapping, Linking,

Materials: Pearls/Crystals, Gemstones,

Products Used:

  • TRS10
  • BC40
  • BC20
  • CH20
  • BD70