N0124 - Aquatic Journey Necklace - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by VJMco January 21, 2020

From our Imagination to yours...Learn how to create a fun focal and embellish it with a cluster of your favorite beads. Turn a basic ring into a eye catching focal, wrap a charm for a unique look, link beautiful Czech glass, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones and don’t forget a stunning Lillypilly etched shell to bring it all together. This simple necklace was inspired by the cool colors of the ocean and the treasures that are found below.

Natural brass beads & findings:
BD190- 3mm Cube Spacer Bead
CH50- 10mm Round Link Chain
CL60- 21 x 9mm Swirl Clasp
DP20- 13 x 17mm Turtle Charm
DP210- 22mm Hammered Ring
EP1- 1" Eye Pin
HP1 - 1” Head Pin
HPF15- 1 1/2" Pearl Head Pin
JR30- 6mm Jump Ring
JR40- 8mm Jump Ring

Tools & Supplies:
TS-03 - Ergonomic Rosary Plier, Round with Cutter
TS-04 - Ergonomic Chain Nose Plier with Cutter

Other materials:
5mm Czech Glass Irregular
12mm Czech Glass Leaf
10mm Czech Glass Square Bead
8mm Blue Fluorite
6mm Freshwater Pearl

Artist materials:
Lillypilly Designs, Engraved Botanical Shell Pendant
available at! www.lillypillydesigns.com


Step 1: Create the hammered ring focal.
A: Using rosary pliers turn in the legs of the turtle charm approxmately the width of the hammered ring.
B: Place turtle over the hammered side of the ring. Slide into desired place. C: Crimp the turtle legs to the back side of ring using the chain nose pliers. Repeat until secure.
D: String a 5mm glass bead onto a 1” head pin. Form a simple loop. (see “Basic Linking on the tips and techniques page)
E: Attach bead drop to a 6mm jump ring and secure to the hole in the hammered ring. (bead will suspend in the center opening).

Step 2: Create your bead links & drops
A: Use the basic linking technique to secure your beads onto your head pins and eye pins.
B: For pearls: String your pearl onto one 1.5” pearl head pin. Form a wrapped loop.
Begin with a 90 degree bend near the top of your bead. Use your rosary pliers to form a simple loop with the tail overlapping. Wrap the tail tightly down the neck of the wire to create coils.

Step 3: Assemble your bead sequences
A: Connect your bead links, shell, and bead drops using 6mm jump rings.
B: Repeat for multiple sequences.

Step 4: Assemble your focal
A: Attach your bead sequences to the hammered ring using 8mm jump rings.

Step 5: Finish your necklace.
A: Attach your focal cluster (the 6mm jump ring attached to the hammered ring) to the ring end of a swirl clasp set. B: Attach the opposite end of the swirl clasp to your desired length of 10mm round link chain. C: End by attaching a second swirl clasp to the opposite end of chain and loop clasp through the ring end previously secured to the focal cluster.

Helpful tip:
You may attach your necklace by either end of the pendant. Two swirls clasps are used in the front of this necklace for a decorative look. A single clasp would work as well, simply attach one end of the chain to the focal cluster to replace one swirl.

Your necklace is complete, Enjoy!

"Inspiration in Every Finding"

Techniques: Linking, Clustering,

Materials: , Pearls/Crystals, Art glass/Faceted glass, Wood/Shell,

Products Used:

  • CH50
  • CL60
  • DP210
  • DP20
  • JR20