N0160 - Colors of the Earth Necklace - Designer: Jeanne Holland

by VJMco January 21, 2020

From our imagination to yours...inspired by the earthy colors of this gorgeous ceramic pendant and the natural feel of Vintaj and leather. A simple design as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Natural brass beads & findings:
BC40- 12mm Filigree Bead Cap
CH60- 6mm Fine Oval Link Chain
CE10- 8mm Crimp End
CL50- 21 x 6mm Tiny Hook & Eye Clasp
DP10- 17mm Bird Charm
F01- 7 x 20mm Filigree Droplet
HP1- 1" Head Pin
HPF15- 1.5" Pearl Head Pin
JR20- 4.5mm Jump Ring
JR40- 8mm Jump Ring
JR60- 15mm Jump Ring

Tools & Supplies:
TS-03 - Ergonomic Rosary Plier, Round with Cutter
TS-04 - Ergonomic Chain Nose Plier with Cutter

Other materials:
8mm Faceted Art Glass Round
10mm Rough Cut
5mm Flat leather
18mm Square Ceramic Cabochon “Marsha Neal Studio” www.marshanealstudio.com


Step 1: Create your beaded drops. A: Use the basic linking technique to secure your beads onto your head pins. B: For rough cut beads: String your bead onto one 1.5” pearl head pin. Form a wrapped loop. Begin with a 90 degree bend near the top of your bead. Use your rosary pliers to form a simple loop with the tail overlapping. Wrap the tail tightly down the neck of the wire to create coils.

Step 2: Create your filigree wrapped cabochon
A: Open the filigree droplet and place the ceramic cabochon inside.
B: Bend three of the prongs around the ceramic cabochon and tighten with your chain nose pliers.
C: Use your rosary pliers to curl the fourth prong downward forming a loop at the to of the cabochon.

Step 3: Crimp the ends of the leather
A: Place the end of the leather strand inside the crimp end.
Enjoy your necklace!

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The Girls at Vintaj!

"Inspiration in Every Finding"

Techniques: Wrapping, Clustering,

Materials: Gemstones, Ceramic/Porcelain, Leather/Silks/Fibers,

Products Used:

  • JR60
  • F01
  • BC40
  • JR40
  • HP1