N0236 - Victorian Style Necklace - Designer: Guest Designer

by VJMco January 21, 2020

Victorian Style Necklace
by Cindy Devine of Devine Designs Jewelry

This design was inspired by the Czech glass button that I used as a pendant focal. I love the gingko leaf design and the iridescent colors of the button. I knew I wanted to wrap it in a Vintaj filigree. I really had no other thoughts of inspiration for this piece, it just had a natural flow to it and came together well. I searched thru my bead stash and found the Kazuri beads with the correct color flow to them, as well as the crystals.
Vintaj Natural Brass:
BD110- 14mm round filigree
JR20- 4.75mm jump ring
F20- square dapt filigree
CH40- 3.5mm cable chain
CL50- 21x6mm tiny hook and eye clasp
TWS10- 20g Vintaj Bronze Wire

Kazuri shale, 15mm; round, 12mm in iridescent cornflower -
Kazuri Beads from www.antelopebeads.com
Swarovski crystals: 4mm bicone; jet 2AB

Rosary pliers
Chain nose pliers
Bent chain nose pliers
Flush cutters

Tips: Hand rub the natural brass using MAAS polishing creme with a soft cloth if you prefer highlighted tones in the metal.


Step 1: Create wrapped pendant
A. Open a 14mm round filigree bead, set the Czech glass button in the filigree setting. Wrap the filigree around the button from back to front. Secure the button with your fingers as you form the filigree to fit snug.
B. Open 2 jump rings (using the bent chain nose and regular chain nose pliers). Attach the jump rings, one by one to a side of a loop on the back of the button wrap.
C. Attach a square dapt filigree (at one corner) to the last jump ring on the wrapped pendant. Repeat on opposite side.

Step 2: Create wrapped bead links
A. Using 20 gauge Vintaj Bronze wire, cut about 2 1/2-3 inches. This will be used to wire wrap the beads and crystals.
B. Make a wire wrapped loop at one end (using the chain nose and round nose pliers).
C. Attach the loop to the adjacent corner of the filigree before finishing the wraps on the loop.
D. String on 1- 4mm bicone crystal, 1 Kazuri shale (15mm) and 1- 4mm crystal. Wire wrap a loop on that end making sure not to close the wraps.
E. Continue by attaching another square dapt filigree and finish the wire wrapped loop.
F. Repeat the same wrapping technique using a Kazuri 12mm round bead instead of the shale for the second second of links.

Step 3: Finishing touches
A. To make a 17" necklace, cut a 4 inch length of 3mm cable chain (you don't actually have to cut it: you can separate it like a jump ring using chain nose pliers).
B. Finish your last wire wrapped loop and attach it to one end of the cable chain. At the opposite end of the chain, attach one piece of a tiny hook and eye clasp.
C. Repeat all steps for the other side of the necklace, ending it with the opposite side of the hook and eye clasp.

I am a self-representing, almost entirely self-taught inspired jewelry artist (SRAJD#1658), currently working in the veterinary field. And I know I can't do that forever! So beads and wire are my new love (and obsession!)

Techniques: Linking, Stringing,

Materials: Art glass/Faceted glass, Lampwork glass,

Products Used:

  • F20
  • BD110
  • CH20
  • CL50
  • EP1