N0768 - Our Story - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by VJMco January 21, 2020

Inspired by our May 2012 "Storybook" Theme.

I love this technique, creating mini message token charms and pendants from altered blanks! In this tutorial you will learn how to imprint letters and designs into altered blanks and color them using Vintaj Patina. The Patina is permanent, and once the blank is highlighted with the Metal Reliefing Block your message is accentuated and colorful.

Choose from 15 Vintaj Patina colors to create your own impressive charm in 8 easy steps... Follow this link to our Step-by-Step Tutorial to get started!

Necklace incorporates a beautiful handmade 'simple truths' fairy tales do come true charm from our "Storybook" Art Bead Partner, Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati - Treasures Found

Techniques: Clustering, Imprinting, Patina, Glaze,

Materials: Art glass/Faceted glass, Vintaj Patina, Vintaj Glaze,

Products Used:

  • F420
  • P0046R
  • DR10
  • P0046
  • F420R
  • TB10
  • VPK34780
  • V-LPS002