R0009 - Festive Gathering - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by Vintaj January 24, 2020

Featured Project ~ November 2008

Squash, new green and brown, the perfect pick for the season! Cluster freshwater pearls & Swarovski crystals upon intricate filigree made to create a ring.

Natural brass beads & findings:
BC80- 6mm Blossom Bead Cap
F280- 64x21mm Diamond Trellis Filigree
HP2- 2" Head Pin
HPF15- 1.5"Pearl Head Pin
JR20- 4.75mm Jump Ring

Tools & Supplies:
Ergonomic Rosary Plier, Round with Cutter
Ergonomic Chain Nose Plier with Cutter
Side Cutter
Filigree Bending/Bale Making Pliers
Ring Mandrel

Other materials:
Freshwater pearls & Swarovski crystals


Step 1: Create your dangles.
A: String one 6mm round crystal onto a 2" head pin.
B: String all of the remaining crystals and pearls onto individual pearl head pins and form a wrapped loops.
C: Open the 4.75mm jump ring to string all of your crystals and pearls in your desired order. Close the ring to secure.

Step 2: Create your ring base.
A: Use a ring mandrel to form the diamond trellis filigree to desired ring size. Simply hold the center of the filigree to the mandrel and form the edges around using your fingers or chain nose pliers. Adjust the size by tightening or pulling open the back of the filigree.

Tip: You may use the Filigree Bending/Bale Making pliers to start forming the filigree into a ring shape prior to using the ring mandrel. Set aside.

Step 3: Assemble your ring.
A: Using chain nose pliers, pull each petal of the bead cap upward to create a flat daisy-like piece. Repeat for second bead cap.
B: String the 6mm round crystal on the 2" head pin through the center of the jump ring that contains the dangles and then through the flattened bead cap.
C: While firmly holding all pieces together, thread the end of the 2" head pin through an opening in the back of the filigree ring base.
D: String the second flattened bead cap through the head pin from the back of the filigree ring base.
E: Using round nose pliers, curl the tail of the head pin upward towards the top of the rin and wrap the excess wire around the filigree to secure.

Your ring is complete, Enjoy!

Techniques: Clustering

Materials: Pearls, Crystals,

Products Used:

  • F280
  • BC80
  • HP2
  • HPF15
  • JR20