R0034 - Tick Tock Goes the Clock - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by Vintaj January 24, 2020

Inspired by our January 2014 "Steampunk Chronicles" Theme.

Create your own custom patina combination by blending a metallic with your favorite color! This is a mix of nouveau silver & lapis, with high points reliefed to accentuate the detail of natural brass.

Add additional holes in clock face & endless passage. Punch a hole in center of regal ring - bracelet blank and rivet the clock face to secure the pieces together. Place ring base on a metal mandrel to form and then rivet the back opening to desired fit, using an arte metal nail head rivet & pinwheel washers. Wire the endless passage over the clock face with 26g arte metal wire to create a stacked ring.

Techniques: Riveting, Drilling,Patina,

Materials: Simply Vintaj,Vintaj Patina,

Products Used:

  • DP175
  • P109
  • ARV010
  • HW0061
  • TSPW0020
  • DP175R
  • P109R
  • P0063R