R0037 - Mandala Eye - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln

by Vintaj January 24, 2020


Create a beautiful cloisonne look by painting a variety of Patina colors in the fine detailed areas of our natural brass Mandala Eye element. Once Patina is dry, apply a layer of ICE Resin over the surface and allow to self dome to create an enameled look over the colors!

If you create a ring like shown, be sure to solder or rivet ring base to Mandala Eye before adding Patina and Resin. Set in a ring holder or prop up straight to avoid resin overflowing.

Techniques: Resin, Patina,

Materials: Ice Resin,Vintaj Patina,

Products Used:

  • P023
  • VPI45038
  • VPI52869
  • VPI45052
  • VPI45069
  • IRR-ICE25
  • P0062
  • IRA50452