N1110 - Pearl Feather - Designer: Wendy Mullane

by VJMco January 21, 2020

Feather has a blend of all three of our Pearl Patina colors (ocean pearl, seafoam pearl, seashell pearl). Apply patinas individually to the feather, layering patina colors to create a beautiful multi-colored iridescent effect. Punch a hole at the bottom of the feather with our 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers and secure a 1/8" Nail Head Rivet to add a decorative element. Turn the top "stem" of feather into a loop using the tip of a round nose plier. String a double strand of soft Deerskin Lace Leather through the feather's loop. Slide on Filigree Tube Beads over the leather, you can gently crimp down with chain nose pliers to hold beads into place. Make a decorative hook clasp from two of our 17mm Roped Cable 13ga Jump Rings. Form the hook with our Filigree Shaping Pliers and a Round Nose Plier. Simply clip off the flat ends off of 3" natural brass head pins and use it as wire to create messy wire wraps around the leather and to secure handmade clasp to the ends. Suspend small Abalone Shell beads clasp and a filigree tube bead to coordinate with pearl patina finish. Happy Designing!

Techniques: Patina,

Materials: Wood/Shell,

Products Used:

  • P114
  • BD40
  • HP3
  • JR104
  • RV0001
  • VPK46172
  • VPK62387
  • V-BLCK1