Africa Color Story - DIY Jewelry Making Inspiration

by Jess Lincoln July 01, 2020

Happy Summer! Our inspiring virtual tour takes us from colorful India designs to earthy Africa creations. Join us on this journey with our friends from Swarovski Create Your Style to explore Crystals Around the World "An Inspirational Color Story" ~ to inspire creativity everywhere! 

Did you know beads are among the most intriguing and important symbols in African culture, past and present. The origin of beads and beadwork in Africa dates back to the beginning of any civilization documented in archaeological history, some say as far as 10,000 BC. The materials used in making beads/beadwork are of the largest variety, from bone to glass. The colors and sizes, the significance of the materials chosen, the placement of beads (on the body, clothing or articles) among other uses, and of course the “subjectivity” of the person using beads denote perspective, experience, feelings, beliefs, desires, and/or power.

I had so much fun creating these jewelry designs inspired by the colors, textures and scenic views of Africa. I enjoyed mixing metals, adding interesting hammered textures, wire-wrapping, filigree wrapping and more, to create a variety of necklace, bracelet and earring projects that you can make with our DIY Jewelry Kits. 

This DIY jewelry collection features our diverse range of natural brass stampings + artisan castings from our Organic Collection ~ 
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Get ready to learn some fun + easy jewelry making techniques! 
Find links below for VIDEO TUTORIALS showing quick tips, project materials, tools & supplies lists. 

Lets make something together on this Inspirational Color Story . . . 


Interested in making these projects? Be sure to pick up our Limited Edition Sahara Sundance Bead Mix, which is full of a gorgeous assortment of Swarovski Crystals, Chrysocolla, Dark Green Turquoise Heishi Discs, Kenya Silver Heishi Spacer Beads, Czech glass, Fire Polished Glass + Asian cut crystal. 

Swarovski Crystal colors inspired by this Africa Color Story are; Tangerine (259) + Light Siam (227) + Fern Green (291). Because you can never have too many crystals, I also included their stunning Crystal Paradise Shine rivolis for added sparkle + shine! 

This Africa-inspired color palette of crystals, gemstones + glass beads complement our natural brass, solid brass, solid pewter, copper antique, gold and silver finishes beautifully!  


Feel connected to love, energy and power as you make and wear this earthy necklace. Varying circle layers creates a sense of completeness. My Artisan Fringe Necklace Kit is adorned with a stunning Swarovski crystal, natural Chrysocolla stone and touch of leather, giving this design an organic, yet elegant vibe. 

Learn how to Make a Filigree Wrapped Crystal Connector, Bead Link + Leather Fringe >> 


Product quantities used to make this Necklace design are listed below: 

  • Artisan Hoop – P124 (1pc)
  • Heavy Hammered Ring – PT198-270 (1pc)
  • Organic Ring – PT211-270 (1pc)
  • Tapestry Bead Cap – BC0007 (1pc)
  • Saddle Tan Round Leather Cord, 1.5mm - TSLC007 (10 inches)
  • Curb Chain, 3.4x5.1mm – CH0010-170 (34 inches)
  • Roped Jump Ring, 17mm – JR104 (1pc)
  • Cable Jump Ring, 9mm – JR106-170 (2pcs)
  • Smooth Oval Jump Ring, 6x5mm – JR01-170 (2pcs)
  • Eye Pin, 1.5 inch – EP15 (1pc)
  • Head Pin, 3 inch – HP3 (1pc)
  • Sahara Sundance Bead Mix *limited edition* includes the following beads ~ 
    *Swarovski Crystal, Rivolli, Crystal Paradise Shine, 12mm (1122)
    *Chrysocolla, Faceted Rondelle (1pc)

TOOLS used to create these projects... 



Make a colorful beaded-charm cluster with my Adorned Trade Bracelet Kit. Quickly turn a brass antique skinny oval into a bracelet connector by adding a hole and gently forming to fit the curve of your wrist. Pair with our carnelian colored trade bracelet and decorative chain for a layered look. Simply wrap a shimmering Swarovski crystal rivoli with our tapestry bead cap and form wrapped loop bead drops with a variety of crystals and a fire polished glass bead. Bring these baubles together with a triangle jump ring + organic charms.  


Product quantities used to make this Bracelet design are listed below:  

  • Skinny Oval – P177-230 (1pc)
  • Dapped Circle – PT174-270 (1pc)
  • Organic Ring – PT211-170 (1pc)
  • Tapestry Bead Cap – BC0007 (1pc)
  • Trade Bracelet, Carnelian – BVBRC010 (1pc)
  • Scroll Chain – CH112-230 (6.5 inches)
  • Triangle Jump Ring, 14.5mm – JR80 (1pc)
  • Cable Jump Ring, 9mm – JR106 (5pcs)
  • Cable Jump Ring, 6mm – JR112 (4pcs)
  • Head Pin, 2in – HP2 (3pcs)
  • Sahara Sundance Bead Mix *limited edition* includes the following beads*Swarovski Crystal, Rivolli, Crystal Paradise Shine, 12mm - 1122 (1pc)
    *Swarovski Crystal, Mini Round Bead, Fern Green, 8mm - 5052 (1pc)
    *Swarovski Crystal, Mini Rhombus Bead, Tangerine, 8mm - 5054 (1pc)

TOOLS used to create these projects... 

Make a statement with a mixed-metal assortment of exquisite artisan elements. Create hand crafted hammered details on natural brass rectangle blanks. Simply form them into unique bails and suspend layers of organic circle components. Have fun with this quick + easy technique and assembling this Tribal Bib Necklace Kit.  

Learn how to Make a Textured Bail + Mixed Metal Layered Pendant >>



Product quantities used to make this Necklace design are listed below:   
  • Asymmetrical Donut – PT102-170 (1pc) + PT102 (2pcs)
  • Rectangle, 32x4mm – P437 (3pcs)
  • Organic Ring – PT211-340 (1pc) + PT211-170 (2pcs)
  • Paddle Charms – PT196-340 (2pcs) + PT196-040 (2pcs)
  • Organic Oval – PT176-170 (2pcs) + PT176-270 (2pcs)
  • Organic Circle – PT173-270 (2pcs)
  • Dapped Circle – PT174-130 (2pcs)
  • Fine Oval Chain, 5.6x8.4mm – CH20 (18 inches)
  • Cable Jump Ring, 11.25mm – JR108 (1pc)
  • Smooth Jump Ring, 8mm – JR45 (10pcs)
  • Lobster Clasp, 15mm - CL0004 (1pc)

TOOLS & Supplies used to create these projects... 



    It's all in the details! This Embellished Fringe Necklace Kit has the perfect blend of natural elements + a touch of sparkle. Create hammered texture on the bottom-half of natural brass blanks and delicately wire-wrap tiny crystal beads with artisan copper wire. The combination of 10k gold + natural brass metal finishes, trade silver, dark green turquoise heishi discs and stunning translucent light siam Swarovski crystals gives this pendant a regal appearance that demands attention. 

    Learn how to Make Embellished Fringe Components >>


    Product quantities used to make this Necklace design are listed below:   


    • Half Circle – PT241-340 (1pc)
    • Tapered – P436 (3pcs)
    • Artisan Copper Wire, 22 GA, – TSPW0014 (6 inches)
    • Tapestry Bead Cap – BC0007 (1pc)
    • Faceted Bead, 4mm – BD232 (4pcs)
    • Rollo Chain, 3.6x3.6mm – CH90 (24 inches)
    • Roped Jump Ring, 17mm – JR104 (1pc)
    • Cable Jump Ring, 6mm – JR112 (4pcs)
    • Cable Jump Ring, 5mm – JR112 (9pcs)
    • Eye Pin, 1.5in – EP15 (5pcs)
    • Sahara Sundance Bead Mix *limited edition* this design includes the following bead ~
      *Swarovski Crystal, XILLION Bead, Light Siam, 3mm (3pcs)
      *Dark Green Turquoise, Heishi Discs, 2x4mm (6pcs)
      *Kenya Silver, Heishi Spacer Beads (4pcs)

    TOOLS used to create these projects... 


    Simply Stated! Make this unique design with my Rising Sun Earring Kit. Add a hole to the center of half circle component, make a wire-wrapped dark green turquoise heishi bead link and embellish ear wire with a faceted brass bead. String a mix of gemstone + silver heishi beads to an eye pin, form a simple loop and easily curve to reflect the opposite side of half circle shape. Attach to flat end of component to complete design. 


    Product quantities used to make this Earring design are listed below:  

    • Half Circle – PT241-340 (2pcs)
    • Faceted Bead, 4mm – BD232 (2pcs)
    • Arched Ear Wire, 29x14mm – ER010 (2pcs)
    • Cable Jump Ring, 6mm – JR112 (6pcs)
    • Eye Pin, 1.5in – EP15 (4pcs)
    • Sahara Sundance Bead Mix *limited edition* this design includes the following bead ~
      *Dark Green Turquoise, Heishi Discs, 2x4mm (6pcs)
      *Kenya Silver, Heishi Spacer Beads (12pcs)

    TOOLS used to create these projects... 

      Hammered mixed metal components pair lovely with earthy + elegant beads in this Organic Circles Earring design. With easy twists and turns of an eye pin you can create beautiful bead links and embellished ear wires to dress up your look.

      Learn how to Make Embellished Ear Wires + Wrapped Loops >>

      Product quantities used to make this Earring design are listed below:   


    • Tiny Hammered Ring – DPV027 (2pcs)
    • Dapped Circle – PT234-130 (2pcs)
    • Arched Ear Wire, 29x14mm – ER010 (2pcs)
    • Eye Pin, 1.5in – EP15 (4pcs)
    • Smooth Jump Ring, 8mm – JR45 (2pcs)
    •  Sahara Sundance Bead Mix *limited edition* includes the following beads ~ 
      *Swarovski Crystal, Mini Round Bead, Fern Green, 6mm - 5052 (2pcs)
      *Fire Polished Glass, Faceted Round, Ivory, 8mm - (2pcs)

    • TOOLS used to create these projects... 

      Perfect summer earrings, neutral with a splash of color! Center your focus on a pair of stacked vibrant orange glass + light siam red crystal beads surrounded by layers of natural brass circular components. Add interest to ear wires by simply tripling up cube spacer beads and securing with a crimp to create these Desert Sun Earrings.



      Product quantities used to make this Earring design are listed below:   

          • Wandering Pathway – DP057 (2pcs)
          • Tiny Hammered Ring – DP027 (2pcs)
          • Cube Spacer Bead – BD190 (6pcs)
          • Marquise Ear Wires, 35mm – ER001-340 (2pcs)
          • Head Pin, 2in – HP2 (2pcs)
          • Sahara Sundance Bead Mix *limited edition* includes the following beads ~ 
            *Swarovski Crystal, XILLION Bead, Light Siam, 3mm - 5328 (2pcs)
            *Czech Glass, 3-cut Picasso, Coral, 6mm - (2pcs)

      TOOLS used to create these projects... 



      We have a special gift for you in JULY!
      For retail DIY orders $50+ you'll receive this FREE Mixed Metals ARROW PENDANT *whiles supplies last. 

      Thank you for taking the time to check out my Africa-Inspired Color Story DIY Jewelry designs and tutorials! I hope you found a new technique you haven't tried before and you enjoy creating these projects as much as I did. Browse our entire Vintaj Hand Tools collection for all your jewelry making needs. While gearing up for summer, take time for full of new projects and inspiration! 

      Happy Designing ~ Jess  

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