Costa Rica Color Story - DIY Jewelry Making Inspiration

by Jess Lincoln August 03, 2020

~ Catch Me By The Sea ~ 

The beach is calling! Our inspiring virtual tour takes us from organic Africa designs to beachy Costa Rica creations. Join us on this journey with our friends from Swarovski Create Your Style to explore Crystals Around the World "An Inspirational Color Story" ~ to inspire creativity everywhere! 

COSTA RICA is known for lovely tropical beaches, volcanoes and biodiversity. Experience grand adventures, the wonders of nature and
scintillating culture in this beautiful rugged, rainforested Central American country with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific. Roughly a quarter of its area is made up of protected jungle. Did you know there are more than 3,000 different species of butterflies fluttering around Costa Rica! 

Been day dreaming of a relaxing and peaceful island life while creating these jewelry designs inspired by the colors, textures and scenic views of Costa Rica. I focused on simple techniques with layers of mixed metals, sparkling crystals and unique connections to create a variety of necklace, bracelet and earring projects that you can make with our DIY jewelry making kits. 

These designs feature a variety of natural brass stampings + artisan pewter castings from our BEACH VIBES collection ~ 
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Get ready to learn some fun + easy jewelry making techniques! 
Enjoy browsing this post to discover VIDEO TUTORIALS showing quick tips, jewelry kit bundles, project materials, tools & supplies lists. 

Lets make something together on this Inspirational Color Story . . . 


Interested in making these projects? Be sure to pick up our Limited Edition Island Life Bead Mix, which is full of a gorgeous assortment of Swarovski Crystals, Abalone Shell, Pink Quartz, Czech glass, Fire Polished Glass + Asian cut crystal. 

Swarovski Crystal colors inspired by this Costa Rica Color Story are; Rose Peach + Light Turquoise + Peridot. Because you can never have too many crystals, I also included their stunning Crystal Laguna DeLite rivolis for added sparkle + shine! 

This Beachy-inspired color palette of crystals, stones + glass beads complement our natural brass, solid pewter and silver finishes beautifully!  


Make a statement with this beautiful mixed metal + crystal layered Ocean Treasure necklace! Simply make a unique connection with artisan pewter and natural brass components for a creative setting to delicately rest a stunning Swarovski crystal rivoli. 

Learn how to Make a Layered Mixed Metal + Crystal Filigree Wrapped Pendant >> 


Product quantities used to make this Necklace design are listed below: 

  • Organic Dapped Disc – PT212 (1pc)
  • Dapped Filigree – F03 (1pc)
  • Pinwheel Washer – HW0061 (2pcs)
  • Head Pin, 3in – HP3 (1pc)
  • Fine Ornate Chain, 2.2x3.8mm – CH10-040 (32 inches)
  • Smooth Jump Ring, 4.75mm – JR20-040 (2pcs)
  • Lobster Clasp, 9.5mm – CL0002-040 (1pc)
  • Island Life Bead Mix *limited edition* design features the following bead included in mix ~ 
    *Swarovski Crystal, Rivolli, Crystal Laguna DeLite, 12mm (1pc)

    TOOLS used to create these projects... 

Transform a shimmering Swarovski crystal rivoli into a beautiful focal! Easily filigree wrap + frame this mesmerizing connector with a natural brass jump ring. Wire wrap and suspend a pretty abalone shell teardrop for a simple and colorful necklace.  

Learn how to Make a Framed Filigree Wrapped Crystal Connector >>

Product quantities used to make this Necklace design are listed below:   

  • Dapped Filigree – F03 (1pc)
  • Smooth Jump Ring, 20mm – JR116 (1pc)
  • Flat Oval, 2.2x3.0mm – CH104 (20 inches)
  • Eye Pin, 1.5in – EP15 (1pc)
  • Smooth Jump Ring, 8mm – JR45 (3pcs)
  • Smooth Jump Ring, 4.75mm – JR20 (2pcs)
  • Lobster Clasp, 9.5mm – CL0002 (1pc)
  • Island Life Bead Mix *limited edition* design features the following beads included in mix ~ 
    *Swarovski Crystal, Rivolli, Crystal Laguna DeLite, 12mm (1pc)
    *Abalone Shell, Top-Drilled Teardrop (1pc)

  • TOOLS used to create these projects... 



      Pair ocean inspired elements to create a double-sided mixed metal charm pendant! Turn natural brass sand dollar charms into dapped discs to stack on each side of an artisan pewter sea urchin component. Create a cold connection by riveting these fun layers together. 
      Learn how to Make a Dapped + Riveted Mixed Metal Charm Pendant >>


      Product quantities used to make this Bracelet design are listed below:  

      • Sea Urchin Disc - PT207 (1pc)
      • Sand Dollar - DP80 (2pcs)
      • Rounded Oval Chain, 8.7x11.3mm - CH0011 (6.75 inches)
      • Cross Hatch Jump Ring, 14.5mm - JR114 (1pc)
      • Cable Jump Ring, 9mm - JR106 (8pcs)
      • Nail Head Rivet, 1/2in - RV020 (1pc)

      TOOLS used to create these projects... 

      Create a fun beachy charm bracelet with a mix of natural brass beach vibe charms paired with sterling silver finish chain + findings. Add an assortment of pretty Swarovski crystal butterfly beads, fresh water pearls & tiny glass bead drops to float upon your wrist.  


      Product quantities used to make this Bracelet design are listed below:   

      • Star Fish Puff – DP90 (2pcs)
      • Turtle Charm – DP20 (1pc)
      • Sea Horse Puff – DP60 (1pc)
      • Santa Fe Turtle - DP183 (1pc)
      • Sand Dollar – DP80 (1pc)
      • Nautical Anchor – P430 (1pc)
      • Teensie Turtle – DP25 (6pcs)
      • Dotted Spacer – PT170-040 (6pcs)
      • Etched Cable Chain, 6.5x9.5mm – CH30-040 (7 inches)
      • Rib Toggle Ring – CLJ03-RING-040 (1pc)
      • Rib Toggle Bar – CLJ03-BAR-040 (1pc)
      • Smooth Jump Ring, 8mm – JR45-040 (34pcs)
      • Pearl Head Pin, 1.5in – HPF15 (13pcs)
      • Head Pin, 1in – HP1 (2pcs)
      • Eye Pin, 1in – EP1 (3pcs)
      • Island Life Bead Mix *limited edition* design features the following beads included in mix ~
        *Swarovski Crystal, Butterfly Bead, Rose Peach, 10mm (2pcs)
        *Fresh Water Pearl, Light Pink, 7-9mm (3pcs)
        *Pink Quartz, Faceted Rondelle, 3x5mm (4pcs)
        *Asian Cut Crystal, Helix Twisted, Aqua AB, 4mm (3pcs)

        TOOLS & Supplies used to create these projects... 


        Make Waves with this hand crafted artisan pendant I designed, with fellow beach lovers in mind. Bring together verdigris pewter, pewter antique + natural brass elements for a fun mixed metals design. Simply add holes to hammered rectangles to turn them into connectors. Create a bead link and simply attach to float in between a roped jump ring for a splash of color! 

        Product quantities used to make this Necklace design are listed below:   

        • Make Waves – PT350-133 (1pc)
        • Hammered Rectangle – PT182-130 (4pcs)
        • Roped Jump Ring, 17mm – JR104 (3pcs)
        • Etched Cable Chain, 4.1x5.1mm – CH35 (1ft)
        • Eye Pin, 1in – EP1 (5pcs)
        • Cable Jump Ring, 9mm – JR106-060 (1pc)
        • Smooth Oval Jump Ring, 6x5mm – JR01-060 (12pcs)
        • Lobster Clasp, 12mm – CL0003-060 (1pc)
        • Island Life Bead Mix *limited edition* design features the following beads included in mix ~
          *New Jade, Faceted Barrel, 12x6mm (1pc)
          *Fire Polished Glass, Round, Light Mint Opal, 4mm (4pcs)

          TOOLS used to create these projects... 


          Add splash of sparkling Swarovski crystals around natural brass roped jump rings and detailed star fish charms. These stunning light turquoise + peridot crystals bring beautiful reflections of ocean colors to this fun summer earring design! 

          Product quantities used to make this Earring design are listed below:  

          • Star Fish Puff – DP90 (2pcs)
          • Modern French Ear Wires – ER006 (2pcs)
          • Roped Jump Ring, 14.5mm – JR122 (2pcs)
          • Cable Jump Ring, 6mm – JR112 (4pcs)
          • Pearl Head Pin, 1.5in – HPF15 (8pcs)
          • Island Life Bead Mix *limited edition* design features the following beads included in mix ~ 
            *Swarovski Crystal, Xillion Pendant, Light Turquoise, 8mm (2pcs)
            *Swarovski Crystal, Xillion Bead, Peridot Shimmer 2x, 3mm (8pcs)

          TOOLS used to create these projects... 

          Create a simple beach lover earring! Simply suspend our natural brass sand dollar charms with eye pins adorned with beads and wrapped loops connected to light + airy glass rings. 

          Product quantities used to make this Earring design are listed below:   

          • Sand Dollar – DP80 (2pcs)
          • Arched Ear Wire, 26x11mm – ER0002 (2pcs)
          • Eye Pin, 1.5in – EP15 (4pcs)
          • Island Life Bead Mix *limited edition* design features the following beads included in mix ~ 
            *Czech Glass, Ring, Transparent Pink, 9mm  (2pcs)
            *Pink Quartz, Faceted Rondelle, 3x5mm (2pcs)
            *Asian Cut Crystal, Helix Twisted, Aqua AB, 4mm (2pcs)

          TOOLS used to create these projects... 


          We have a special gift for you in AUGUST!
          For retail DIY orders $50+ you'll receive this FREE Peridot Pendant Kit *Crystal from Swarovski ~ while supplies last!

          Learn how to Make a Coiled Loop Wire Bail >>


          • Roped Jump Ring, 17mm - JR104 (1pc)
          • Head Pin, 3in - HP3 (1pc)
            *Swarovski Crystal, Graphic Bead, Peridot, 18mm – 5520 (1pc) 
          • *crystal available in promotional Pendant Kit only 

          TOOLS used to create these projects... 

          Thank you for taking the time to check out my Costa Rica-Inspired Color Story DIY Jewelry designs and tutorials! I hope you found a new technique you haven't tried before and you enjoy creating these projects as much as I did. Browse our entire Vintaj Hand Tools collection for all your jewelry making needs.

          Happy Designing ~ Jess  

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