Product Feature - Colourful Soul Jewelry Pop-Outs + Ultimate Paints

by Jess Lincoln July 23, 2021

Are you ready for the Ultimate Paint Coloring Experience? You are going to fall in love with our beautiful NEW Made in the USA Colourful Soul Baltic Birch Jewelry Pop-Outs & Ultimate Paints!! I had a blast teaching a fun variety of techniques on wood, metal & leather at our virtual Adornments Mixed Media Jewelry Retreat and I'm beyond excited to now share them with you. 

* CREATIVE WARNING * Once you discover just how many gorgeous color effects you can create, you won't want to stop! 

Welcome to an exciting new DIY jewelry-making therapy session...
Each and every time I sit down to paint these stunning pieces, I'm in a complete state of relaxation and inspired to try a million color combinations! Originally designed to be painted, (probably the most common finishing technique) you can also stain, age, distress, resin, cold enamel, mini pour art, torch, Shou Sugi Ban, white-wash or simply use as ready-to-wear.

BUT jewelry is not the only thing you can use these pieces for. Use these cool pieces as zipper pulls, backpack charms, shoe charms, pins, jeans charms, desk art. Keep the panels together and use them as art tiles and tile the entire collection.

Whatever direction you choose, just remember to have fun and relax!




  • Each Colourful Soul collection comes on a panel with six to sixteen design pop outs. You will find so much satisfaction in either painting all of your pieces in the panel or popping them out to paint individually with each pop being even more satisfying than bubble wrap.

  • Each 2.7" X 3.8" Baltic Birch Jewelry Pop-Out Panel is artfully arranged (jam packed) with beautiful (killer, awesome) designs by Vintaj designers.
  • Each panel is a collection with a theme, so you'll have many pieces to design a cohesive collection of jewelry or ensemble.
  • Each Baltic Birch panel is pre-finished with a natural wood sealant for a smooth paint and finish experience. Every design is cut against the grain for strength and durability. Russian-grown Baltic Birch hardwood is from the snowy forests of the north and is extremely durable. Graded according to the Russian Baltic plywood standard as B/BB, this hardwood has a single piece face and a back veneer. The face veneer has a smooth surface with a light uniform color.

    Ready, Set, Paint! 

1) Simply pop out pieces from front to back.
2) Shake bottle of Ultimate Paint well to blend color.
3) Use Silcone Tip brushes to apply paints, wipe paint from brush with paper towel before using another color.
4) Turn your painted pieces into beautiful jewelry creations. 

Ultimate Paints are available in 30+ colors & 7 curated sets

The best stuff on the planet... Colourful Soul Ultimate Paint is everything you need!

  • Permanent to wood, metal, resin, leather, fabric and most anything under the sun (except silicone & plastic)
  • Smooth flowing paint with a flawless finish
  • Extremely durable once dried
  • Air curable & water soluble
  • Blend-able to create an endless color palette
  • Works as an opaque colorant for resin.

Shake well before each use for optimal performance.

Try this application with Silcone Brushes, you'll love how easy it is to apply the paint and the results! 

Hobby Lobby stores & website carry the Master Touch Brushes - 
Size 0 Rubber Brushes - 5 Piece Set 
Size 2 Rubber Brushes - 5 Piece Set

Amazon offers a large variety, I've used the following sets; 
Comiart Brushes - 5 Piece Set - available in Size 0, 2 & 6 

Watch to learn this basic and fun paint technique >> 

Get creative and try a variety of ways to apply these amazing Ultimate Paints. Stain, Distress + Pour Paint to make unique effects >>  

Try this fun new Tie-Dye effect, you'll love experimenting with a variety of color combos! 

Hope the following project ideas jump-start your creativity! Look at how many unique handmade jewelry pieces were designed with just 4 panels; 9 earrings & 3 necklaces! You can make even more designs with these collections if you assemble them in different ways... 


What would you make with these pop outs {{ Bohemian Feathers I Garden Roses I Simple WavesGarden Foliage }} 
Design a variety of light-weight earrings, necklaces, bracelets + rings in any colors your heart desires.  

Let the pattern of each piece inspire what color, finish and effect you think suites it best >> Paint, Stain, Glaze, Tie-Dye, Distress, UV Resin + much more >> and guess what, it just may change each and every time you paint the same piece, because the possibilities are endless! Pair your little masterpieces with Vintaj Findings in a variety of metal finishes, toss in some complimentary Charms & Pendants, then sort through your stash for the perfect accents or stock up on our designer curated Bead Mixes in an assortment of colors. 

Paint Metal + Leather, and other materials too! 


Browse our entire Colourful Soul collection to find your favorites and create an artisan jewelry line that suites your style! 

We thank you for all your support and hope you truly enjoy the ultimate paint coloring experience I'll be sharing much more on our Instagram, Facebook, YouTube + Pinterest pages, so be sure to follow.  Can't wait to see what you make, tag #colourfulsoulultimatepaints and @vintajco on Instagram.



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