Spring - DIY Jewelry Making Inspiration

by Jess Lincoln April 15, 2021

~ Bloom Where You are Planted ~

Spring has sprung! It brings new beginnings and new growth.... transformation and change.... a colorful new look at the world! Let's celebrate with fresh DIY jewelry making inspiration, kits and a big SALE on your favorite winged critters & nature's blossoming treasures! Get 25% off these DIY jewelry kit product bundles listed below *each includes extra beads + findings for even more designs!! 

Create a beautiful range of jewelry designs with over 35 styles of our happy little natural brass, solid brass, artisan copper & solid pewter Spring-inspired components . . . .  


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DESIGN TIP: Simply suspend fly tag from jump ring in front of resting birds pendant or clip off loop of tag and glue to open surface. Be creative and discover many other design ideas! 


Have fun creating your own designs with our curated *limited edition* Miracles Blossom Bead Mix, inspired by nature's vibrant greens and pretty pinks. Make a variety of earrings, bracelets & necklace designs featuring; an assortment of Vintage Czech glass stones, Rose Quartz, sparkling crystals, Czech glass beads & Asian Cut Crystal beads. 

Boho Petals Bracelet Kit
Filigree petals + wings bring together this lovely bracelet design. Accent these pretty pieces with touches of rose colored crystals, vintage Czech glass navette stones and mossy green glass pebble beads to reflect the beauty of Spring. 

DESIGN TIP: Using chain nose pliers, gently bend the top left and bottom right wings of filigree butterfly to make a creative setting for navette stone. You may add a small dab of glue to center of stone for more security if desired. Place flat end of stone along the open wings and carefully use chain nose pliers to continue bending top wing around stone, followed by bottom wing over first wing to secure stone in filigree. Repeat with other set, folding the opposite wings, top right and bottom left. You may display either side of this double-sided connector in your bracelet design, depending if you prefer to see more of the stone or butterfly.   


Transformation & Renewal Necklace Kit 
Wear our beautiful natural brass scarab as a symbol of protection & good fortune. This beautiful piece pairs perfectly with both weathered and defined elements, all brought together to create a stunning amulet!  

To form a creative setting for 11mm round vintage Czech glass stone, simply bend back 7 petal tips of filigree sunflower charm, leaving top with loop untouched. You may add a small dab of glue to center of stone for more security if desired. Place stone into opening and carefully use chain nose pliers to crimp down tips of petals along edge of stone, working from opposite ends for a symmetrical wrap. Add holes opposite of each other on the Etruscan ring component in order to layer scarab, suspend drop and add chain. 


Enlightened Path Earrings Kit 
The strong triangular shapes reflected in this design represents the cycle of growth. Bring forward breathtaking emerald colored vintage glass stones, gently hugged by our natural brass filigree sunflowers. Pair this magical color with pale pink glass disc beads to soften the edges. 

DESIGN TIP:  Use chain nose pliers to carefully bend up the bottom three petals of filigree sunflower and two outer top petals, leaving the top with loop and two sides untouched. Rest the flat side of navette stone into the opening, and gently crimp down the pointed petals around the stone to secure in place. You may add a small dab of glue to center of stone before setting into sunflower, for more security if desired. 

Graceful Flourish Necklace Kit 
Create cheerful sprouts of leather from a hand-altered natural brass rhapsody medallion. Simply transform this piece into a gorgeous tube bead and pair it with a blushing rose quartz double point. Feel loving energy radiate from this beautiful adornment! 

DESIGN TIP: Simply form medallion with the larger 8.5mm barrel of our Filigree Shaping Pliers. Place the pliers over the hole in the piece and being to slowly roll it by turning your wrist. Continue repeating that motion, as the metal overlaps hiding the hole inside the tube shape you are creating. Clip the flat end off of head pins, form a large wrapped loop using both pins together. String both open ends of the pins through rose quartz, and form a double wrapped loop on opposite end to complete your bead link. Cut leather into 6 to 8 inch sections, slightly ranging in size. Fold them through a loop in rose quartz bead link. Open a roped jump ring, use chain nose pliers to securely wrap it around the top of leather to crimp pieces in place. Slide tube bead through leather fringe, leaving larger opening at the bottom. Carefully crimp in place near the rose quartz bead to avoid moving. Connect two intertwined roped rings from top loop of bead link and add a long section of chain to complete necklace. 

Thank you for taking the time to browse my Spring DIY jewelry inspiration. I hope these components and kits spark your creativity ~ Happy Designing! 

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