Woodland - DIY Jewelry Making Inspiration

by Jess Lincoln January 04, 2021

                                                                         ~ In the Woods is Where I Want to Be ~  

Connect with nature as you create these tranquil Woodland inspired jewelry pieces. This collection is one of my all time favorites to design with, I love combining the earthy metal finishes together, with gorgeous life-like leaves & detailed dragonflies, need I say more!  

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Receive this beautiful nature lover's Crystal Pendant Kit FREE with DIY orders $50+ the month of January! Made with our natural brass Delicate Fern, our malleable 3in Head Pin, using our Filigree Shaping Pliers to form bail. These components are paired with a stunning Swarovski Crystal 17mm Luminous Green Wild Heart Pendant.

Simply add a hole to bottom tip of fern. Form fern into a bail with pliers. String head pin through the hole added to fern, through hole in crystal and through loop of fern. Use remaining wire from head pin to gently bend up and wrap around back side of fern just above the loop. Add pendant to a chain, leather, silk or beaded strand to for a stunning necklace!  

Enjoy creating your own designs with our designer curated *limited edition* Moonlit Forest Bead Mix, inspired by this stunning fading winter into spring color palette. Make a variety of earrings, bracelet & necklace designs featuring; three styles of Swarovski Crystals, plus a variety of Fresh Water Pearls, Hematite, Czech glass & Asian Cut Crystal beads.

Soulful Wings Necklace Kit 
Be open to the beauty of change, transformation and self-realization as we welcome a new and exciting year. Create this stunning mixed metal necklace with our natural brass ornate dragonfly & sterling silver antique finish artisan-made beaded leaf. 

Use our 1.5mm hole punch pliers to add a hole to the center of dragonflies head. Cut off the flat end of head pin and form a coiled loop using round nose pliers. String head pin through hole in dragonfly and onto 22mm crystal twist bead. Loop tail around to back side of crystal, leaving enough room to attach large jump ring through loop. Form a wrapped loop with remaining head pin wire around the tail to secure. Add beaded leaf to cross hatch jump ring and attach to loop of dragonfly's tail. Using your fingers gently bend the bottom wings down alongside dragonfly's tail to allow the black diamond crystal to peek through. Add desired length of chain to your beautiful elongated pendant to complete your necklace.

Whispering Willow Earrings Kit 
Create a gorgeous earring silhouette with our natural brass willow branch & cherry leaf components, paired with lovely opaque glass flower beads and acetate stick drops, to reflect the beauty of nature. 

Using our double cylinder pliers, 5/8" & 3/4", simply form willow branch pieces into stunning hoops, easily bend pieces around the large barrel and alternate sizes until you have rounded out components. Use your fingers to gently bend cherry leaf in half, keeping a gap between leaves in order to hug around acetate stick drop. String glass flower beads onto head pins and create wrapped loops. Suspend willow branch hoops to round loop ear wires. Add jump rings to all other components and attach to center of hoop and close to secure in place, with the acetate stick drop centered and alternating the position of flower bead and cherry leaf to create a mirrored look for earring pair. 


Fading Foliage Necklace Kit 
Longing for new growth and the beauty of changing seasons. Create a stunning necklace made from an earthy combination of our artisan copper mission leaf & brass antique heavy hammered ring, paired with a flashy faceted labradorite stone and glass beads. 

Simply cut off the end of head pin to form wrapped loops on both sides of labradorite stone, creating a bead link. Make wrapped loops to form six tiny drops with glass beads. Easily attach labradorite bead link to center of heavy hammered ring using the larger 9mm cable jump rings. Attach mission leaf to bottom jump ring and add the chain to top jump ring. Attach three glass bead drops to each side of heavy hammered ring using the smaller 7.25mm cable jump rings. Finish chain strand with a standard hook clasp to complete your necklace. 


Dragonfly Pond Bracelet Kit 
Be one with nature. Create this serene bracelet design with our beautifully detailed natural brass dragonflies & artisan-made solid pewter impressed ferns. 

Using our 1.5mm hole punch pliers, simply make an additional hole in between each of the dragonflies wings and to the bottom center of impressed ferns, turning these pieces into decorative connectors. With a round nose plier form a simple loop with the tail of the dragonflies, in order to suspend a pretty Dumortierite bead drop. String two large-hole vintage Indian glass beads onto links of elongated chain to add dimension to your bracelet strand. Create a simple bead link with remaining glass bead to float between a 15mm cable jump ring surrounded by tiny Kenya silver heishi spacers, giving your focal movement. 


Thank you for taking the time to browse my Woodland DIY jewelry inspiration, I hope these pieces spark your creativity ~ Happy Designing! 

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