Colourful Soul Ultimate Paints

by Jess Lincoln July 22, 2021

The Ultimate Paint Coloring Experience

Have fun experimenting with our beautiful NEW Made in the USA Colourful Soul Jewelry Pop-Outs + Ultimate Paints!

Each Colourful Soul collection comes on a panel with six to sixteen design pop outs. You will find so much satisfaction in either painting all of your pieces in the panel or popping them out to paint individually with each pop being even more satisfying than bubble wrap.

Each panel is artfully arranged (jam packed) with beautiful (killer, awesome) designs by Vintaj designers. Originally designed to be painted, (probably the most common finishing technique) you can also stain, age, distress, resin, cold enamel, mini pour art, torch, Shou Sugi Ban, white-wash or simply use as ready-to-wear.

Each 2.7" x 3.8" Baltic Birch panel is pre-finished with a natural wood sealant for a smooth paint and finish experience. Every design is cut against the grain for strength and durability. Russian-grown Baltic Birch hardwood is from the snowy forests of the north and is extremely durable. Graded according to the Russian Baltic plywood standard as B/BB, this hardwood has a single piece face and a back veneer. The face veneer has a smooth surface with a light uniform color.

Each panel is a collection with a theme, so you'll have many pieces to design a cohesive collection of jewelry or ensemble. BUT jewelry is not the only thing you can use these pieces for. Use these cool pieces as zipper pulls, backpack charms, shoe charms, pins, jeans charms, desk art. Keep the panels together and use them as art tiles and tile the entire collection.

Whatever direction you choose, just remember to have fun and relax!
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