Arched Ear Wire, 26x11mm, (4pcs)

#NaturalBrass Natural Brass
If you like to securely hook your earwires, our medium ARCHED EAR WIRE made of solid brass flexible metal is for you! This Vintaj ear wire is everything the 20x9mm Arched Ear Wire is, but offers even more diversity for your designs. It has a sturdy frame with thicker gauge wire and a larger loop at the base to accomodate a wide variety of pieces. We love pairing these ear wires with delicate and weightier pieces. They work with virtually any decorative dangle, chain, crystal or bead cluster. If your ear can hold the weight, so can these!

DIY WITH JESS DESIGN TIP: 26mm is basically 1". Use my design tips for the 20x9mm Arched Ear Wire, but in addition I suggest adding wire! Try coiling wire up the length of the front of the earwire to add detail or coil wire several times above the loop instead of pinching it closed. If you have that down, try stringing teensie beads onto the wire and then coil it around the ear wire. It's so fun.
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