Arched Ear Wire, 20x9mm, (4pcs)

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Our delicate 20x9mm ARCHED EAR WIRE crafted from solid natural brass flexible metal wire is perfect for jewelry making! Dangle crystals, Vintaj brass stampings; charms, pendants, chain and light-weight smaller focals. An ear wire can greatly change the look of your earrings. This shape, also referred to as "kidney wire", lends a fine line to your designs. Do you like clustering? Even though these ear wires are small, you can add several fine chains and they will hold the weight and still make a bold statement.

DIY WITH JESS DESIGN TIP: 20mm is 3/4 of an inch. These are very easy to design with. Simply slip the opening/loop of the decorative portion of your earring design over the wire until it rests in the loop at the bottom. If you want extra security, pinch the loop a little tighter. 
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