Modern French Ear Wires, 20mm, (6pcs)

#NaturalBrass Natural Brass
Just a little twist from our French Ear Wire. Our MODERN FRENCH EAR WIRE has the same exact profile, but the loop is rotated 90 degrees so it faces to the front. This is especially helpful when designing earrings that have a charm or dangle with a perpendicular loop. A little fact: French ear wires pass through the earlobe and rely on gravity to hold them in place. Since they don't hook onto anything, that makes getting ready easy and fast. 

DIY WITH JESS DESIGN TIP: Just like the french ear wire option, you only have to open and close the loop to design with this pretty earwire. with the loop facing to the front, it becomes a design element. Work this into your design and make it a bonus!
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